Troubleshooting Your Ticket Scanners

Billy Fluck
Billy Fluck
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This article is intended to be your first port of call to try and resolve some of the most common issues you may come across with your scanners. If you're setting scanners up for the first time we would recommend you start with this article first.

Although Spektrix doesn’t produce scanners, we will always be on hand to help resolve any issues you encounter with them. In some cases we may need to refer the scanner’s manufacturer or stockist, but please check with us as your first line of support.

The troubleshooting advice will be slightly different depending on which model of scanner you use, so we would suggest you skip straight to the relevant section based on the type of scanner you have:

NOTE: unlike other hardware used in conjunction with Spektrix, scanners don’t rely on the Box Office App in any way. They work by accessing a specific Spektrix interface via any web browser on the handset they’re paired with.

Saveo scanners

Check these suggestions for common problems you might encounter with Saveo scanners.

The scanner never produces a beam to scan barcodes

If the scanner is completely unresponsive, it may be switched off. The power button is on the base of the scanner handle, in a recess next to the charging contacts:


Using something with a fine point (such as a paperclip), press and hold this button until the scanner makes a notification sound. This means it is now switched on. Check that the button remains depressed when you release it.

The scanner and phone never seem to charge

If you’re plugging your charging dock into a PC, make sure you aren’t overloading the PC with too many devices. Having too many devices plugged into the same PC can mean that the scanner and the attached phone can't draw enough power to charge. You’ll also need to check that the scanner is set to Charge Mode, using the switch above the scanner handle:


NOTE: the scanner base only provides a very slow trickle charge to the phone handset, if it’s plugged in. If the handset needs to be recharged, it would be better to do this separately where possible.

The scanner seems to be scanning items, but the screen on the phone is unresponsive

This could be because the scanner is not in the correct mode - it has a Charge Mode (C) and an Operation Mode (O). In order to scan tickets it will need to be in Operation Mode. You can select this using the switch located above the scanner handle:


If the scanner is already in the correct mode, it may mean that the scanner is working, but the connection between the scanner and the phone is not configured properly. Try resetting the scanner to its default configuration, before completing the set-up process again. You can reset the scanner by scanning the following 4 barcodes in order:


If you’re unable to scan these from the screen, the barcodes are also printed in the Saveo Quick Guide, downloadable as a pdf here.

Once the scanner is reset, you can follow this article to complete the set-up process.

Zebra scanners

Check these suggestions for common problems you might encounter with Zebra scanners.

The scanner is unresponsive

It may be switched off. The power button is placed at the top right of the scanner and needs to be held down for approximately 3 seconds for the scanner to switch on. You should feel a small vibration if the scanner is powering on. Here’s a visual guide to the anatomy of a Zebra scanner:



Tickets aren't scanning and I'm having to enter barcodes manually

This could be to do with the default scanning settings being set up incorrectly. To check the settings, open the DataWedge application (from the Home screen or All Apps) then go to Spektrix Wedge and scroll down to the Keystroke Output subheading. 


Make sure the following settings are correct:

  • Enabled: checked
  • Inter character delay: 1ms

Once you have checked this, scroll to the bottom of the app list and select Basic data formatting:


Make sure that the following settings are correct:

  • Enable: checked
  • Send data: checked
  • Send ENTER key: checked

You can also check the Zebra website, which has a range of manuals and useful resources about these scanners.

Janam scanners

Check these suggestions for common problems you might encounter with Janam scanners.

The backlight does not come on

The backlight can be accidentally toggled off by holding the power button down for an extended period of time. When the backlight is turned off, a unit can appear to have a dead display – even though it doesn’t. You can toggle the backlight on and off by holding the power button down for 2-3 seconds.

The device will not scan

Remove the battery door and perform a soft reset, using the stylus to press the reset button (bottom left corner below the battery compartment). If the device still does not scan, try a hard reset.

NOTE: If you perform a hard reset, all data and applications since you received the device will be lost.
See the Product User Guide for how to perform a hard reset.

The device instantly shuts off after I turn it on

  • Check that the battery is seated properly and all contacts are free from obstruction.
  • Check if the battery is faulty/does not charge properly. If the device works with another
    battery, you may need to purchase a replacement battery.
  • Check the battery door and safety switch.

The touchscreen is unresponsive

  • Perform a soft reset by removing the battery door and pressing the reset button (left corner
    below the battery compartment) with the stylus.
  • Is there physical damage to the screen (i.e. cracks, gouges, pen marks)? If so, the touchscreen will need a replacement.
  • Perform a hard reset on the device

NOTE: If you perform a hard reset, all data and applications since you received the device will be lost.
See the Product User Guide for how to perform a hard reset.

If the problem you’re seeing isn’t listed here, or if you’ve followed these steps and you’re still having problems, please do contact the Spektrix Support team.