Twitter Integration - Tweet from Checkout

Charlie Whitworth
Charlie Whitworth
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What is it?

Customers can now Tweet about their booking from the confirmation page and encourage their friends and followers to book too. There is some setup involved in making this work which is detailed below.

How to set it up?

Go to Admin > Events and create a new event, or edit an existing one.

  1. In the website section, tick “Tweet from checkout” to make this event Tweetable

  2. In the Twitter event name, enter the event name as you want it to appear on Twitter. (Twitter has a maximum limit of 140 characters - so make it short. Spektrix will limit this field to 20 characters. You should put # at the beginning if you wish to hash tag the event.)

  3. In the Twitter Link URL enter the address of the booking page for that event (get this by copying the address from the address bar of your browser when you’re looking at the booking page)

  4. If you have setup Bitly you can click ‘Shorten’ to shorten the link. The shortened link will appear in your bitly account along with details and statistics of who clicked it and how many times it’s been used.


Setting up the Twitter text

  1. In Settings > System > System Config scroll to the Twitter Integration section.

  2. Click edit and you will be able to write a template Tweet using the provided merge fields. When a customer clicks “Tweet this” from checkout, this will be the default text.

  3. The {DateTime} field will adapt to the best date format for the event. If a customer books for a show happening this Friday it will show ‘Friday’. If a customer books for an event in a month’s time, it will show ‘1st August’.

  4. The {LinkUrl} and {TwitterEventName} fields are set up in the website section of the event setup. (see image below)


Just booked for {TwitterEventName} on {DateTime} @Spektrix. Join me!
Will come out as:
Just booked for #Hamlet on Friday @Spektrix. Join me!
Just booked for #Hamlet on 1st August @Spektrix. Join me!


Please note: You may require some additional styling to make the tweet button fit in with your website design. If this is the case, please contact the support department and we will make the amendments.