Audit history for Events, Event Instances and Merchandise

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Billy Fluck
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This article is part of the Release 25 notes [October 2012] - click here to go back to the main article.

You will now be able to track the audit history for Events, Instance and Merchandise items in the Admin interface. This functionality is already available to track customer changes in the Sales interface, and has been extended to cover these important items in system setup.

  • Create means the date and time that this Event, Instance or Merchandise item was first created in Spektrix
  • Update means any changes made since. While we cannot currently output a summary of what these changes were, you will be able to ascertain whether certain users have accessed and edited items here, and how recently the last change was made

For example you will be able to see the last date and time that merchandise items had their stock increased by looking at the record of user updates. 


Note that any imported data from your previous Box Office system will begin with "admin: create" on the date that your data was migrated, and that no changes made on your old system will be recorded here. This is different to the customer audit, which may include creation and update data from before your migration.

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