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Billy Fluck
Billy Fluck
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This article is part of the Release 28 Notes.  Click here to return to the feature index.

What is it?

It is now possible to configure Instances to go on and off sale in the Sales Interface as well as online. This allows you to prevent your Box Office team from selling for a show before a certain time:


A user must have access to the Admin Interface to edit whether an Instance is on sale or not. If you're logged in as Sales Administrator, you can override the sales date directly from the Sales Interface. For more information, check out the information in our article on adding and editing users in Spektrix.


How do I use it?

  • Go to Control Panel > Admin > Events and add a new Event or edit an existing one
  • When adding an Instance, in Basic Details, you should see boxes asking for the start selling time for the web as well as in the Sales Interface, for Agents, and in the Opportunities Interface
  • Set your times in here for the Instances you are adding - or leave the Sales section blank to make the event immediately on sale
  • You can also set stop selling times for both channels (these boxes will default to the default stop selling time set in your System Config section)

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