How to check whether a customer has been charged

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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Searching Spektrix

First, check Spektrix as carefully as you can.

  • Search the customer records thoroughly, making sure there are no duplicate accounts where an order might be hiding. Searching by postcode can help bring up customers with misspelled names, for example.
  • Look up recent orders, or search orders by date, in case a booking was made with incorrect customer details.
  • Find the performance (or even the specific seats) that the customer purports to have purchased, and see whether there is any order history or sales history relating to that customer - or other names that the seats might have been booked under.
  • Run a Payments Report to find any transactions that have gone through at the specified amount, or at the specified time, and trace these back to your orders. You will be able to see the last 4 digits of card numbers here. If you copy and edit this report you can easily add extra output fields, such as Order ID and customer name, to trace  back the payments to your customers.

Checking payments

If you are confident that there is no sign within Spektrix of a payment having been made, or an order created, you should check your payment logs. SagePay and YESPay both provide access to their live logs for your reference. 

You will be able to see transaction amounts, codes, and the last 4 digits of card numbers, which you can then match against your Payments Report to find any erroneous under/over charges. Contact the Spektrix Support Team if you need help making changes to your payments (for example, cancelling an unexpected double-charge) and we can help you email the payment provider to retract or reissue payments.

Phantom charges?

If you cannot find any record of a payment, but a customer insists that they have been charged, they may be referring to temporary transaction holds showing against their account. See the Troubleshooting Card Payments article here for an explanation of what might be causing this.