Reading an Order in the Sales Interface

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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You can do a lot with an order in Spektrix and find out a lot of information from it, however, not knowing exactly what you are looking at can lead you down the path of confusion. 

This guide will help you understand everything you see in an order once you have opened it and in no time you'll know your order history from your current order. 

For details on how to search for an order, see Searching for Orders in the Sales Interface


What am I looking at?

The order is split into two parts:

  • The current order, visible in the top half of the order
  • The order history, visible in the bottom half of the order

The current order


This will show all tickets that are currently an active part of the order. This part of the order can be edited. You will not see any cancelled tickets displayed in this section.


The order history


The order history will display all transactions that have made up the order. This cannot be edited and will act as an audit trail of who did what, and when.

The Order History will always show the initial transaction; therefore, if no edits have been made to the order, both halves of the screen will look similar.


Have these tickets been printed or scanned?

If the tickets have a tick under the little picture of a printer, the tickets HAVE been Printed:


If the Tickets have a tick over the image of a barcode, the tickets HAVE been Scanned:

Any tips?

Look at the time and date of all the actions in the order history to help you if you are facing an order where LOTS of edits have been made. The earliest Transaction will be right at the bottom of the screen so if in doubt, start from the bottom and work up.