Merge Orders

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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You can merge orders for the same customer together to make one single order. This is useful for the following circumstances and generally keeping things nice and tidy.

  • A customer buys tickets for the same event but in different transactions - keeping all the tickets in one order will make them easier to find and work with.
  • Reservations for the same event and customer are spread over multiple orders - that way you can take one payment for the whole reservation.

You can even merge an order that has no customer details attached to it with an order that does have details. Useful if a customer purchases additional tickets at the counter and no details are taken at the time.


How do i do that?

  • Find and open the order you wish to merge


  • Click MERGE ORDER from the top of the screen


  • Select the order you wish to merge it with



  • Click Next


  • Enter any Notes about the merge (if required) and click OK
  • The order is now merged into the first order number.


Important Info

  • You can still search by the order number of the deleted order. The order that the deleted order was merged into will appear in the search results instead.