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Billy Fluck
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There are often times when specific information must be captured for a particular event. This has always been possible in the box office, using order attributes, but is now possible online! The following article will show you how to set this up.

You will need to have already set up some order Attributes in your system (see here for creating custom attributes).


How to attach an order attribute to a specific event online

In the Admin Interface, find the specific event which you would like to attach an attribute to for use online

  • OrderAttributes.JPG

    Open up the event and you will notice an extra menu item on the left called "Order Attributes"

  • Click this and here you will find all the available orders attributes

  • Click Edit

  • All attributes are available to the Box Office, but to make an attribute appear to a customer online tick the "On Web" box. 

  • If you want the attribute to be required tick "required" - this will mean that the order cannot be completed online or in the box office without the user giving an answer to the attribute.


Practical example

You have an event - such as a graduation - that is open to students only and you need to to capture the student's ID number.

  • Create Student ID as an order attribute

  • Go to the event and set the attribute to be available online and required

  • Anyone booking that event must now fill in their student ID before checking out.

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