Changing the Selected Customer in the Basket

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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When you have selected a customer for your order, it is very easy to remove them and change for a different customer without having to cancel the items in your order.


How do I do that?

For a New Order

  • Click the Red cross in the top right hand corner of the Customer information in the Basket.


  • The customer record will then vanish from the order and you can search for a new one.
  • When you find the right customer record, simply add it in to the basket.


For an Existing Order


Unfortunately it is not possible to change the Customer record on an existing order that already has a Customer record attached

However, if there was no customer record attached to the Existing Order (a counter sale that was put through without a customer record), you can add a customer by Editing the order.

  • Search for the Order in the System
  • Click the box that says No customer
  • Search for a customer and click on their record to select.
  • Click Confirm to associate the customer with the order