Navigating the Customer Record

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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The new look customer record

In Release 29 we changed the way Customer Records look. 

You navigate around the Customer Record by clicking on various links. These links will then take you to an area of the customer record that will have grouped particular elements together. Previously on the old customer record, there was one list of links that would take you to one particular element. 


How do I get around the Customer Record?

Running across the top of the Customer Record you will see links for Details, OrdersMailings, Wallet and Subscriptions. These links can be accessed from any area of the Customer Record as they are constant, which makes it very easy to move around.




At the bottom of the screen you will see links to Relationships, Credit/Vouchers, Waiting Lists and Audit



The links at the bottom of the screen will move up and down as you navigate around the customer record and will appear closer to the top the less data there is to display on the relevant screen. 

As you click on the links to take you around the customer record the screen will change to display the information that has been grouped together, including any other subsequent links that you can click on.

In the below image we have clicked on Orders and then Merchandise, but we are still able to navigate to other areas of the Customer Record by clicking on any other links.


Clicking on Actions actions_button.JPGwill allow you to

  • Merge the Customer
  • Convert to an Organisation/Individual
  • Download Statement
  • Add Relationship
  • Send Change Password Email
  • Join a Different Household

Notes are created and edited by clicking on the Blue Sticky note icon sticky_note.JPG

To move the customer in to the basket, click the basket icon basket_icon.JPG


Below is a summary of the different links you can click on (bold and underlined) and what you can see when you click on the link (including any detail).



Personal/Contact Details

Name, Email, Phone, Mobile, DoB, Age, Active Status, Customer Attributes


Address Details

Any addresses linked to the customer record (including addresses linked to a Relationship)


Data Protection Statements

Customer Responses to any Data Protection Statement



Any Tags assigned to the customer



Reference number with a clickable link for any order the customer has made. Includes the date the order was made and the last date the order was edited.



Details of any Merchandise item purchased, the order reference number, the quantity of items and a clickable link to the order.



Details of any active Reservations made, the order reference number and clickable links to the Event and the Order



Details of any tickets purchased, the order reference number and clickable links to the Event and the Order



Details of any Donations made, the Fund, the amount, the gift aid declaration, order reference number and clickable links to the Fund and the Order


Print at Home items

Details of any tickets with Print at Home selected as a delivery method and a link to download the PDF of the ticket.


Mailing Records

Details of any Mailings that the customer has received.


Stored Credit Cards

Details of stored credit cards.



Details of any current or expired Memberships, including start date, end date, and renewal date, information about the Membership, options to renew or auto renew and a link to the order


Ticket Subscriptions

Details of any current or expired Ticket Subscriptions, including start and end date, information about the Ticket Subscriptions, available and redeemed vouchers and a link to the order


Fixed Subscriptions

Details of any current or past Fixed Subscriptions, information about the Fixed Subscriptions and options to release subscription or buy the tickets


Relationships defined in Spektrix

Details of any relationships currently defined in Spektrix and the ability to create new Relationships.



Redeem a Voucher

Enter the voucher code to redeem it against the Customer Record


View Account Balance

View balance of a Customer's account, as well as a break down of any items purchased using credit.

Waiting Lists

 Waiting Lists

Details of any Waiting List that the customer is on as well as a link to the Event, position on the list and number of tickets required



An Audit log of any changes made to the Customer Record, including the date, time and user.