Quick Guide - Performing Your First Return

This section provides a step-by-step guide for making your first return.  You will need to be logged in to the Sales Interface and will need to have performed at least one sale.

1. Select the Orders Tab


2. Carry out a search for the order by entering criteria and clicking on Search.
3. Locate the required order and click on it to edit it. 


4. Click on the Edit icon to load the order into the basket for editing.


5. Click on a Sales Channel as appropriate for this transaction.

6. In the order window, click to select each ticket that you want to return.


7. Select Return from the drop down list below the list of items.


8. If the basket is not already fully displayed, click on the arrow button to the left hand side of the Basket to open it up.
9. Since the transaction consists only of returns, no delivery method should be selected.
10. For a cash refund, click 'Refunds' under the 'Payments' tab, choose Cash Refund and click OK to accept the total amount to be refunded.
11. If any card payments had previously been taken in this order a further option would be available to perform a card refund.

12. Click Confirm to complete the transaction. The basket will clear itself ready for the next transaction.


Returning commissions and recalculating offers

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