Quick Guide - Performing a Return

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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This article provides a step-by-step guide for making a return. In order to perform a return, you'll need to be logged in to the Sales Interface and will need to have performed at least one sale.

1. In the Sales Interface, select the Orders tab from the navigation bar:


2. From here you can search for the order:


You've a number of methods you can use to search for an order. The easiest is using its Order Number or, if this isn't available, a combination of:

  • When the order was confirmed (Order Date From/Order Date To)
  • Customer information, including Customer IdCustomer NameCustomer Email and Postcode

You can also click Advanced Search and see further criteria to search by:


To carry out a search, enter your criteria and click Search.

3. Once you've located the order, click on it to edit it:


4. Select the item(s) to return, click the arrow on the Print dropdown and select Return:


5. From the New Transaction pop-up, click on the appropriate Sales Channel for this transaction:


This will open the basket.

NOTE: if the basket is not already fully displayed, click on the arrow button to the left hand side of the Basket to open it up:



Since the transaction consists only of returns, no delivery method will need to be selected.
7. Select the Refunds tab in the Payments area:


  • For a cash refund, choose Cash Refund and, in the Payment Options pop-up, click OK to accept the total amount to be refunded
  • If a card payment was taken in this order, a Card Refund option (with the last 4 digits of the purchasing card listed) will be available:


  • If a Chip and PIN payment was taken in this order, you will need to have the customer present to return this to the same card, or refund using an alternative option
  • Any Custom Refund Types you've created will also be available here

8. Click Confirm to complete the transaction. The basket will clear itself ready for the next transaction.