Selecting Seats and Adding Them to the Basket

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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Unreserved Seating Plans

1.  Once you have reached the desired unreserved seating area for your Event Instance you will see a list of ticket types together with boxes and prices.

2.  Enter the desired number of tickets of each type, ensuring the total number does not need exceed the total number of seats available.


3.  Click Update Basket to add the tickets to the basket.

Note: The numbers in the boxes may not be zero if you already have some of these tickets in your basket.  To change the contents of your basket, change these numbers and click Update Basket.

Note: When clicking Update Basket, if you have not yet selected a sales mode for your basket you will be prompted for one.

Reserved Seating Plans

1.  Once you have reached the desired reserved seating area for your Event Instance you will a plan of all seats in the area.

2. To select single seats: Click on each available seat you want to select.


To select multiple seats in a row: From the top left of the plan you can either choose rectangle mode (for seats that are in a straight line) or paint mode (for seats that are in a curve). 

Rectangle mode will allow you to click and drag to select all seats under the rectangle. Using this mode will de-select any seats already selected unless you hold down the SHIFT key.

Paint mode allows you to click and drag your cursor to 'paint' over the seats that you want to select. This allows you to pick up seats over a curved row more easily. Again, you will need to hold down the SHIFT key if you want to add to any seats already selected.

(Rectangle & Paint mode were released as part of Spektrix Release 38)

Click Add to Basket once you've made your selection.

3.  The seats will be added to your basket as the default ticket type. Changing the ticket type can be done in the basket – see the section on Editing the Basket.

4.  Customers can be selected in the basket as described in Searching for, Selecting and Adding Customer Records.

5.  If creating a new order (i.e. not editing an existing one), the selected customer can be removed from the basket using the red X icon.  A different customer can then be selected as required.

6.  If editing an existing order, the customer cannot be changed.  However if editing an existing an order which does not have a customer attached, a customer can be selected and will be added to this order on confirming the transaction.

Note: If a seat is already in the basket, it will appear with a yellow ticket icon.  To change the seats in the basket, change the selection and click Update Basket.