Editing the Basket

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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Once tickets have been added to the Basket as described in Selecting Seats, various changes can be made to them.

Clicking on each ticket will select it, or using the check boxes at the top of each group will select all tickets in that group.  The tickets can then be changed using the controls at the bottom.

  • Change Type: Use the drop down list to change the Ticket Type of the selected tickets.  Upon selecting a new ticket type, the selected tickets will be updated to reflect the new ticket type, including prices and commissions.
  • Reserve: Causes the selected tickets to be marked as reservations instead of sales.

Drop-down options:


  • Buy: adds reserved tickets back to your basket, to be bought
  • Delete: removes from your basket
  • Charge/Waive commissions/delivery: Use these to choose whether Ticket Commission should be charged or waived on the selected tickets.  By default commission is charged when tickets are added to the basket.  Waived commission is indicated in the basket by a strike through the commission amount.
  • Ticket attributes: allows you to apply (pre-defined) attributes to selected tickets
  • Override: allows you to rewrite the price
  • Attach reference: adds a note to merchandise items

Tip: If the ticket commission is zero there is no need to waive it!

Tip: The links at the top of each group of tickets can be used to quickly return to the Event Instance to view the seats on the seating plan.