Confirming a Transaction

Kyle Tarbuck
Kyle Tarbuck
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Once a transaction is complete it needs to be confirmed using the Confirm button at the bottom right of the basket.  If for any reason the transaction cannot be confirmed, a pop up will appear listing the reasons.  Some common reasons why you may not be able to confirm your transaction are as follows:

  • There is money still to paid by the customer.
  • There is money still to be refunded to the customer.
  • A customer is required (e.g. for a phone sale).
  • A delivery method has not been selected if there are items to be delivered.
  • A delivery method has been selected when there are no items to be delivered (e.g. for a reservation).

When you are ready to confirm the transaction:

1.  Click Confirm to proceed.

2.  The contents of the Basket will be replaced by a list of tickets that were purchased in the transaction.

3.  You can choose to print tickets now by clicking Print or print tickets at some other time in the future by clicking Print Later.

4.  If printing tickets now, you can deselect any tickets you do not want to print by clicking on them.

5.  Choose whether to send a confirmation email to the customer. See our guide to the confirmation email here.

„Example: You would generally choose Print Later if performing a CoBO sale to a customer on the phone when you probably only want to print the tickets out just before the show.

Example: When using postal delivery, depending on how your box office is run, you may choose to print now if you intend to prepare the tickets for postage straight away or Print Later if you instead perform regular batch prints of all tickets to be posted.