Confirmation Emails

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Kyle Tarbuck
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Customers are automatically sent a confirmation email when they book online, giving them a summary of their order and acting as proof of purchase. You can choose whether they also receive one for Phone and Counter bookings by going to Settings > Configuration > System Setup and selecting one of the following options:

Selecting Prompt each time will give a pop-up at the end of each order, asking the box office team to decide whether to send a confirmation email to the customer or not.

Note that the subject heading of these emails, and the email address they are sent from, are customised for each venue and can be changed at any time by contacting Spektrix Support.

Email contents

Your confirmation emails will be sent in plain text and consist of an order report, framed by customised text. The bulk of the email is the same across all Spektrix venues, though optional message fields will allow you to make them specific to your orders and customers.  

The default order report will be presented in the format below:

Dear {Customer/Name},

Thank you for ordering from us.

Your order number is {Order ID}.
OR details of your order number {Order ID} are as follows.
OR your order {Order ID} has been amended. Please check the details below are correct:

{Optional Order Confirmation Message}

Here are your order details:

Tickets & Items

These items can be picked up from the Box Office.
OR These items will be posted to {Name & Address}
OR You will be notified when these print at home tickets are ready to be downloaded.

{Details of tickets - type, area, seats and price}

{Optional confirmation text per item}

{Details of any Reservations, Memberships and Merchandise}

{Optional confirmation text per item}


Thank you for your donation of {Amount} to {Fund}. {If Gift Aid:}We will reclaim gift aid on this donation.

{Optional confirmation text per item}


{Summary of order details}
You saved {Saving from offers}


Thank you for your order.

This email was auto-generated - please do not reply.

If you would like to make any changes to the default messaging across all confirmation emails, such as adding your organisation's name and address to the bottom of the email or adding a note on where to pick up COBO/Will Call tickets, please contact Support.

Customising your confirmation emails

Generic confirmation text (to appear where the Optional Order Confirmation Message appears above) can be edited via your system setup under Settings Interface > System Setup > Custom Website Messages > Custom message for confirmation.aspx

Additional confirmation text for Events, Instances, Merchandise, Donations or Memberships can be created using Confirmation Text Attributes. Any Attribute that you create called Confirmation Text (as a free text or dropdown Attribute) will automatically pull across confirmation emails, the order summary in the Sales Interface and, if you're using the standard checkout flow, the order summary on your website. This can be useful for adding extra details that you wish the customer to be alerted to – for example, directions to an external venue, more detailed running times, or age guidance. In the case of Funds and Memberships, this field could be used to say thank you!

NOTE: as the confirmation email and order summary are both formatted as plain text, any links you include in your Confirmation Text Attribute will not automatically be clickable; whether a customer can click them will be dependent on how the browser or email client they're using parses any text preceded by http:// (e.g. in Gmail's web client, the plain text will be automatically formatted as a clickable link)


If you have any further questions about confirmation emails, or would like to discuss anything in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.