Restricting actions using roles

Harry Brett-Jones
Harry Brett-Jones
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What is it?

As of release 33 you can now restrict certain actions in the sales interface.  Users with a Sales User role will only be able to freely perform actions that are unrestricted.

If a restricted action is performed, a user with the Sales Administrator role will need to authorise the action before the operator can complete a transaction.

You can set up which roles users have in the Users section of the Settings module.

How do I use it?

Setting up

  • Navigate to Control Panel > Settings > Roles
  • Here you will see a list of actions and items in the in the system that can be restricted:
    • General Actions - restrict actions such as overriding a price
    • Custom Payment Types - restrict which custom payment types a user can use
    • Ticket Types - restrict the ticket types a user can sell
    • Custom Reports - restrict the reports a user can run from the sales interface
    • Lock Types - restrict which types of lock a user can lock and unlock
  • Click the switch next to any action that you wish to restrict
  • With immediate effect a sales operator will need authorisation to perform that action

Authorising a restricted action

  • Anyone with the sales administrator role can authorise a restricted action.
  • If a sales operator performs a restricted action then a pop up will display requesting a sales admin password before the user can continue
  • Some actions will require immediate authorisation (such as locking or unlocking restricted locks or taking payment via a restricted payment type)


  • Other actions (such as selling a restricted ticket type) will not need authorising until the user confirms an order - if this is the case then a padlock will display on the confirm button:

If an immediate action is authorised it is possible that the administrator will also need to authorise the order as well

Lock types can have a role restriction as well as an unlock password - if both are set then both are needed to lock or unlock those seats.


  • We can now provide reports that show which users have authorised restricted actions
  • We will be uploading this information to some standard reports in the near future
  • Let support know if you need any custom reports in the meantime.