Instance Statuses and Visibility

Billy Fluck
Billy Fluck
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What is it?

When setting up an event you can set the status and visibility of the instances.  You can also choose whether the event should be marked as cancelled and whether or not data from that instance should be included in reports,segments and metrics by default.

How to use it?

When setting up or editing an event you will see a number of status options:


This sets the status of the instance as a whole - you have the following options:

  • Draft: Intended for use while you are getting things set up.  In this mode the system ignores any visibility/on sale settings and the instance will never appear in any interface except marketing and admin. 
  • Live: The instance is live and the visibility and on sale settings you have configured now apply.
  • Archived:  Intended for when an instance has finished and you no longer need to make any changes.  In this mode the instance will ignore any visibility and on sale settings and will only ever appear in Marketing and Admin interfaces when you specifically search for archived instances (so that your system stays neat and tidy).


When an instance is in Live mode the settings in the Visibility section allow you to dictate which channel it appears in and whether it is on sale.  You can also set the dates on which it should go on sale and how long it should remain on sale after the instance has finished.  If the instance status is Draft or Archived then the instance will not be visible or on sale - regardless of what is set here.

The grid lists the available sales channels on the left hand side and then lets you set the visible and on sale statuses along that row.

In the above example, assuming this instance is Live it would be:

  • Visible on your website and in your sales interface
  • Bookable through your sales interface from midnight on 1st July
  • Not on sale on the website at all
  • Not visible or bookable in fundraising at all.


A new cancelled check box allows you to specify that this instance has been cancelled.  Checking this box will:

  • Require you to take the instance off sale from the Website. If the instance is still visible on the web then it will display "Cancelled" next to the instance date.
  • You will also be able to report on cancelled events with a new "Cancelled" metric that appears in reporting

You may wish to also uncheck the "Included in metrics" box so that this instance is not included in any segments, reports and metrics by default.  See our article here for more info

Changing the status of instances

You can bulk change the statuses of your instances from the Basic Details page on the Event screen (Control Panel > Admin > Event > Choose an Event).

Here you will see how many instances fall into the different statuses.  In the above image I have 22 Live instances all of which are on sale in the Box Office and on the Website.  I've just added another 9 in draft mode, which will be on sale through the same channels once they are live.

Rather than changing them one by one I can use the Change Status button underneath to bulk update the details.

After clicking the change status button you can edit the visibility, on sale times, status and cancelled & included in metrics check boxes of your instances.

  • In the first box (instances to change) you can choose to apply the changes to all the instances, or select only draft, archived or live instances.
  • In Properties to Change you can set all of the properties that you wish to set on your selected instances

Once you're done, hit OK and your settings are applied. 

In this image, I have told the system to select all the draft instances and convert them to Live.  I've also told it to set them to "Visible in Sales" and "On Sale in Sales" and to also set them to not visible or on sale in any other channel.


For example, the idea behind the "Draft" mode is that you will want to get everything set up with the right visibility and on sale dates - safe in the knowledge that the instances do not appear anywhere except the admin interface.  Once you've finished you will want to bulk change all of the instances to "Live" mode so that all of your settings apply.
If you cancel one instance in an event then you can edit that instance specifically and tick the cancelled box.  If you cancel a whole show you can use the bulk change button to mark them all as cancelled.