Segment by Opportunities, Relationships, Invitees and Attendees

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Billy Fluck
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NOTE: In this article, we use the new names for the Marketing Interface and the Fundraising Interface - Insights & Mailings and Opportunities. For more information about this change, see this article.

What is it?

For venues using the functionality provided in the Opportunities interface, you can segment your audience based on information you record therein.

Opportunities users have four additional types of Segments:

  • Opportunity Segments allow you to segment customers based on the Campaigns they are already part of, and any information you've stored against the campaign,
  • Invitee Segments allow you to segment customers based on Invites you have already sent them to fundraising Events.
  • Attendee Segments allow you to segment customers based on their attendance at fundraising events. This gives you much the same control as a Booking Segment, with the additional control of whether the customer actually attended (as long as you have recorded this on our Invitation Management tool).
  • Relationship Segments allow you to segment on customers that have a relationship type with another customer. You'll still only get the details of one customer in the output: to report on both sides of a relationship you should use Relationship Reports. 

Although based on information from Opportunities, this is all done in Insight & MailingsCustomer List tool.




For example: 

  • You are doing some research of your database to find potential Major Donors for your current Capital Project. However, you want to exclude anyone who is already in your pipeline.
  • Earlier in the year you raised funds for a new Youth Theatre Scheme. You wish to segment everyone in the Thank stage of that Campaign in order to email them a link to a video you have produced documenting the development of the scheme so far.
  • You want to find all Individuals that have a relationship type of 'CEO' to an Organisation
  • You want to find all Individuals who have been Invited to a fundraising Event but have not yet booked a ticket to send a reminder mailing out.


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