Agent Commissions

Richard Bates
Richard Bates
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What is it?

Agent Commissions allow you to set up a commission inside the ticket price that is retained by a third party ticketing agent. 

For example, you might outsource an allocation of a musical's sales to a ticket agent, who keep 20% of the face value of each ticket. This inside commission, although charged to the audience member by the agency, never reaches your box office.

Setting up an Agent Commission Structure

You can set up your Agent Commission Structures in Admin > Pricing > Agent Commission Structure. To create an Agent Commission Structure, click Add and enter the Basic Details:


  • Name: give your Structure a clear, descriptive name
    Description: though this field is optional, we'd recommend completing it to make your Structure's function clear at a glance

With those added, click Next to set the Default Commission:


The default commission can be:

  • A set value per ticket sold (e.g. £5 per ticket)
  • A percentage of each ticket (e.g. 20% on each ticket)
  • A custom combination of either value or percentage commissions, varied by Ticket Type and Price Band

Click Ok to save.

Selling tickets to an agent

  1. In the Sales Interface, find the customer to which you want to add an Agent Commission Structure and scroll to the Agent Commission section of their record
  2. Select the corresponding Agent Commission Structure for this record and hit Save:
  3. Go through the process of buying a ticket as usual. Note that in the basket, the price for each ticket is shown, as well as an Agent Discount. The Total column shows the amount you will be charging the agent. Typically you might pay this by a custom payment of invoice, although you can use any payment methods

Reporting and Invoicing

Agent Sales are the only items where the Total Charged against a ticket sale can be less than the Price. This is because some of the Price of the ticket is kept by the agency as their Agent Discount.

You can therefore use these columns in reports and invoices to sum the face value of seats sold, separate to the amount of money you should expect to see in your bank account once your agents have settled with you.

Spektrix can produce invoices to sent to your ticket agents for the amount due. Get in touch with the Support, Training and Consultancy team if you would like these to be added to your system.