Campaign Summary Report

Billy Fluck
Billy Fluck
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NOTE: In this article, we use the new name for the Fundraising Interface - Opportunities. For more information about this change, see this article.


The Campaign Summary report is designed to give you a clear idea of the current status of all your Campaigns.

Summary section:

At the top of the page is a summary of each Campaign and all Sub-and Sub-sub-Campaigns. This shows you how much income you can expect to come in from each Campaign and how close to target you are (if you've set one).

The figures are calculated as follows:

  • Target: This is pulled from the Target Amount you set against the Campaign in Opportunities.
  • Donated: This is income that you have received.  This can be from tickets, donations or memberships.
  • Pledged: This is income that Opportunities have promised to give you at some point in the future - through pledges or legacies.  Once you have collected the pledge this amount will move to the Donated column.
  • Forecast: This is the amount of income that you have predicted will come in from your current opportunities. The figure comes from the Target Amount set against each Opportunity, minus anything they have already donated or pledged. If you've set a likelihood of success on your Opportunities then the amount will also be factored depending on what stage they are in at the time of running the report.

Campaign Section:

After the summary you'll get a page for each Campaign. This section shows you more detail on targets and which items or Funds have been used to generate the income. You can also see a pipeline graph which details how much income is currently trapped in each stage - again this is factored if you've set a likelihood of success on your Opportunities.

The bottom half of the page then breaks down the dates that you can expect income to be received. These dates are pulled from the following places:

  • Donated: The date of the transaction in which the donation, membership or ticket was sold.
  • Pledged: The date on which the pledge is set up to be collected.
  • Forecast: The expected close date of the Opportunity.

Any Opportunities or legacies with no expected close date will be put into the "Undated Items" row.

Using this table, you should be able to predict what your total income will be at the end of the Campaign. If you have set targets then you will also be able to get an idea of how likely you are to hit target or whether you need to increase the activity in the Campaign.


This report will only be accurate if you add close dates to your Opportunities and carefully set your likelihood of success rates. It's worth monitoring these figures to ensure that they are as accurate as possible so that you always have a good idea of how successful your Campaigns are going to be.