Campaign Detail Report

Billy Fluck
Billy Fluck
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The Campaign Detail report shows you a breakdown of all of the items in your selected Campaigns split out into stages.

If you have set targets on your items then these details are also shown along with a % to target column. You can also see who is currently assigned to look after each item.

The amount column shows you how much income you've raised from each item:

  • Opportunities: Shows the amount of income you've predicted that this Opportunity will give you (less anything they have already donated or pledged). If you've set a likelihood of success on this opportunity then the amount will also be factored by that percentage. You can also see the expected close date if you've set one.
  • Donations and Memberships: Shows the amount that you have already received from the customer. The date will show the date on which you processed the transaction.
  • Pledges & Legacies: Shows the amount that a customer has promised to give you at a future date. Once you have collected a pledge it will turn into a donation. 

At the footer of each Campaign you will see item totals which show how much you have raised (again, this is factored by the likelihood of success) and what percentage of your total item targets you have achieved.

There is also a Campaign target (which may differ from the total of your item targets) which shows you how close you are to achieving your overall target for this Campaign.


This report makes a good printable list of items that you're currently working on - you may find it useful to run it as an Excel report so that you can filter certain columns.