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Rachael Norris
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If you need a new Seating Plan or a change made to an existing one, you’ll need to request this using the Seating Plan Request Form.

You can build your own single area unreserved Seating Plans, but for anything else you’ll need to request this from our team. 

Before you make your request, read through the following guidance about what information you’ll need to include on the form below.

TIP: Seating Plans can be configured with Overlays. Read our Introduction to Seating Plan Overlays to find out more


Before you start

The more information you can give us upfront, the more efficiently we can process your request.

We need some specifics from you which we’ve detailed below.

WARNING: If you are unable to provide any of this information, it is likely to cause a delay to your request.

  • If you are requesting more than one Seating Plan, please submit a separate form for each Plan. This allows multiple members of the team to work on the requests and helps us build your Plans more quickly.
  • You’ll need to send us a diagram or document showing the layout of the plan you are requesting.
  • Once a Seating Plan is built, it is not possible to add more seats. Therefore, we suggest that you request the maximum number of seats that you could possibly need. Extra seats can be locked/masked using Seating Plan Overlays but it’s not possible to add more seats at a later date.
  • We’ll need to know the name of your new Seating Plan.
  • If your new Seating Plan needs to be linked to a specific Venue then make sure this is already created in the Admin Interface before submitting the form.


Creating your diagram

We need a clear visual indication of what your Seating Plan needs to look like. You will need to send us a diagram in PDF, Excel or a similar format. 

You are welcome to also send photos or any other supporting information about the space will help us make the new Seating Plan as close to the actual venue layout as possible.

When creating your diagram, please include:

  • The placement of all the reserved seats needed for the Plan
  • Row letters and seat numbers for all reserved seats. Seats must be labelled individually and always end with a number. For example: A1, A2, A3 or Row A Seat 1, Row A Seat 2, Row A Seat 3.
  • Where the stage or performance area is – if there is one.
  • What the orientation of the Plan should be (whether the stage should be at the top, the bottom, or elsewhere on the plan)
  • If there are multiple areas, where they're placed in relation to each other (e.g. where the Stalls are in relation to the Circle)
  • The names of each area (each will need a unique name)


A few other things to consider:

  • Let us know if your Seating Plan needs text labels (for example, entrances, exits)
  • If your Seating Plan is not in sequential rows (for example, one that includes tables with seats around them), please tell us exactly how you would like the seats to be displayed and labelled
  • Let us know if there are any specific colours or fonts that you would like us to use to match your branding. Please provide a file of these fonts if they’re non-standard
  • If you’d like an overview image on your Plan (clickable boxes to access each area), you’re welcome to send the image you’d like to be used as the overview, or clearly describe the design you’d like
  • If your Plan is made up of a combination of reserved and unreserved areas, you’ll also need to give us the names and capacities of any unreserved areas.


Requesting changes to an existing Plan

To request updates to an existing Seating Plan:

  • Include the exact name of the current Plan as it appears in the Admin Interface, so that we know which one to work on.
  • Provide the original diagram with clearly marked annotations that indicate changes. To help us make the process as smooth as possible, please send a copy of the original with changes marked up rather than just a completely new Seating Plan image.


Due date

We normally require 5-15 working days to complete a new reserved Seating Plan request and 5 working days for a new multi-area unreserved Seating Plan. How soon we can create your new Seating Plan also depends on the complexity of your venue and the quality of supporting information we receive on the form.

Bearing this in mind, if you’re working to a deadline please let us know the ideal date that you would like to receive your new Seating Plan.

If you have an urgent request, or you would like to talk to us about what you need, please get in touch with a member of the Support team. 


The Form:

Having trouble with the below form? Try here.


Completing the above form will create a Support ticket and someone from the Support team will be in touch if we have any questions.

We will let you know when we have uploaded your new Seating Plan onto your system and we will request that you check that it is correct.


Next steps…

To be able to use your new Seating Plan to set up an Event you’ll next need to create a Layout Overlay, a Price Band Overlay and a Lock Overlay on the Seating Plan you are going to use.

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