Forgotten Passwords

Stephen Cripps
Stephen Cripps
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We all know that sometimes it's impossible to remember your password. Your online customers can change their password when they need to, using a secure link.

Resetting Passwords

If a customer has forgotten their password and needs to reset it, they can request this using the Forgotten Password page.

When they provide an email address which is registered to an online account, they will be sent an email which contains a secure link.

This link is valid for 2 hours and when clicked will take your customer to a page where they can choose a new password.

Once they've changed their password they can continue their purchase as normal.

Can I change a password for a customer?

You can also send the forgotten password email to the customer at their request from the Sales interface.

  • Search for the customer record in the Sales Interface and select
  • Click Actions in the top right of the Customer Record
  • Click Send Change Password Email

You can update the design and information included in this email by going to Admin > Document Design > Account Emails.