Using Event Attributes as Smart Offer Criteria

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Offers that only apply to a small number of Events are easy to set up, but what if you want to apply Offers across a wider range of Events, while still having the flexibility to exclude certain Events?

A smart solution is to use Event Attributes to differentiate between different types of Events, then use those Attributes as the Event Criteria in your Offers.

Let’s say that you want to differentiate between in-house Events and third party Events: maybe you have a range of standard Offers that apply to all your in-house Events, but that you don’t want to apply to any third party Events that come in to your venue. Where a third party producer or promoter wants to use an Offer, you want to be able to create entirely separate Offers to keep a clear distinction between the two.

The solution in this case would be to set up an Event Attribute that flags each Event on your system as either in-house or third-party, then use that Attribute as the Event Criteria in each Offer to choose whether it should apply to just in-house Events or just third-party Events.

In this article, we'll cover:

Setting up Event Attributes

As with all Attributes, Event Attributes are set up in the Settings Interface, under Attribute Templates > Event. Click New Attribute Template to get started.

NOTE: you'll need Settings Administrator privileges to be able to create a new Attribute.

If you need a refresher in how to set up Attributes, have a read of this article. You might want to consider setting up this particular Attribute as follows:


  • Name: give your Attribute a clear, descriptive name, e.g. Event Source
  • Type: choose Dropdown list as your Attribute type
  • Description: this is optional, but useful for clarifying the purpose of an Attribute for all users
  • This attribute is visible in your API integrations: leave this unticked
  • This attribute is always requiredtick this if you want to make it mandatory to complete this Attribute in order to complete Event creation
  • Dropdown values: add In-house production and Third party production as values in this dropdown list
  • Allow users to enter free text for this attribute: leave this unticked

Using Event Attributes as Event Criteria in an Offer

Once your Event Attribute is set up, you can set your Offer up. In this example, we'll create a Multibuy Offer that applies when someone books to at least two in-house Events.

Set up your Offer as you would normally: in the Admin Interface under Other > Offers, hit the Add multibuy button. 

NOTE: for a step-by-step guide to Offer setup, read this article.

  • Fill in the Basic details and Discount sections as required
  • In Event criteria, select Specific Event
  • Choose Event Attributes from the list of criteria and drag it into the Drop criteria here... box:


  • This will launch the Attribute selector page. Here you can find your newly created Attribute (Event Source) in the first dropdown list; select is exactly in the second dropdown and In-house production in the third and click Add, then Ok:


  • You’ll now see a clear breakdown of the criteria you’re using for your Offer:


You can then continue to fill in the rest of the details for your Offer, safe in the knowledge that it will only ever apply to Events which have the In-House Event Attribute.

Any Offers that should apply to third-party Events can be set up in exactly the same way; just choose Third party production from the dropdown instead:


The benefits of using Event Attributes

This is a simple way to make sure your Offers apply to the right Events, with the added benefit of making sure you don’t have to manually choose every eligible Event each time you set an Offer like this up – or whenever new Events that you want to include in an ongoing Offer are added to your system.

There are plenty of other ways you could use an Event Attribute in the Event criteria section of your Offers. A few more examples are:

  • Differentiating between multiple spaces within a venue, e.g. applying different Offers to Events taking place in your cinema than to those in your theatre
  • Applying the same Offer to an Event that you put on every year, i.e. as long as each time the Event comes back around, you build it with the right Attribute against it, you'll only need to build the Offer once
  • Including or excluding Events from Offers for your members, e.g. a members' offer which applies only to certain Events could be powered by the criteria of an Event Attribute called Members' Offer

You can use also Event Attributes as smart criteria for Priority Booking, in Criteria Sets for reporting, or to determine which Events are eligible for particular donation asks


If you have any questions about Offers, Attributes or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.


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