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Offers in Spektrix are capable of doing some really great things, but we appreciate that they can sometimes be quite complicated to set up. There are a few questions that we get asked a lot about Offers, so we've compiled this FAQ with answers.

If you haven’t already, we'd suggest you have a read of the Intro to Offers article, and the Setting up Offers article.

Can I limit the number of tickets each customer can book?

Yes, you can apply either a Per Customer or a Per Customer Per Event limit to an Offer. Depending on the type of Offer you're setting up, these let you choose either how many tickets a customer can book with an Offer or how many times a customer can use an Offer.

Can I build a Multibuy Offer which gives a £10 discount if a customer buys 3 tickets?

Multibuy Offers always need to apply discount evenly across each of the tickets, so you need to make sure the total discount value you want to achieve can be divided by the number of tickets. In this case, 10 can’t be divided by 3, so you could instead offer a £9.99 discount (3 x £3.33) or perhaps a £12 discount (3 x £4).

Can I have a Multibuy Offer across multiple Instances?

A Multibuy Offer works across one or more unique Events. It won’t apply if a customer has booked for more than one Instance of the same Event. This is by design: an Instance is intended to be an identical audience experience (i.e. a repeat of exactly the same performance) and, as you’re unlikely to find many customers wanting to come to the same Event more than once, our Offer tool isn’t built around this.

If you have three performances which you want to treat differently, you should set these up as three separate Events – for instance, if you have three comedy nights that are called the same thing but which have different acts, these should be built as three separate Events.

Can I have a Multibuy Offer where only one of the shows is discounted?

As Multibuy Offers need to split the discount evenly across each event, there’s no way of using this type of Offer to work across multiple Events while only discounting tickets from one of those Events.

We've got a festival coming up and we want to set up a festival pass. Is this possible?

Yes, although you'll need to do a little bit more setup for this to work. Offers are pretty powerful but they’re not always able to do everything you might want, at least not on their own. If you're interested in setting up something like this, please get in touch with the Spektrix Support team so that we can discuss the specifics of what you want to achieve and advise on the best approach to take.

Can we issue a unique Promotion Code to each customer?

You can't automatically generate a Promotion Code per customer. However, you could set up a few different codes and use them as Customer Eligibility criteria on the same Offer if you're looking to track uptake from different channels. If you want to make sure each customer can only use an Offer once, you can set a Per Customer limit of one on the Offer.

Do I have to create a new Package Offer for each family ticket I have?

If you have more than one family ticket, each with a different combinations of tickets included, then yes, you'll need to create a new Package Offer for each family ticket. Remember, however, that doing this will allow you to accurately report on how many of each Ticket Type you've sold, giving you a clearer picture of exactly what you're selling, as well as how much you are discounting.


Can I build an Offer that doesn't actually discount anything?

While you can build an Offer which discounts by £0 or 0%, it will never be able to apply to any tickets. If you're thinking of using a Promotion Code to track when customers book for certain Events or combinations of Events, you could consider using Order Attributes instead.

How do Offers work with Ticket Commissions?

By default, any applicable Ticket Commissions will still apply to a ticket that has been discounted by an Offer – even if it's been discounted to £0. You can choose to waive Ticket Commissions for discounted tickets when setting up your Offer.

When setting up a Multibuy Offer, you can also choose to include Ticket Commissions when calculating discounts by a percentage, e.g. if you have a £10 ticket with a £1 commission, you can choose for the system to calculate the discount based on the full £11, meaning a 50% discount would see a discount of £5.50 applied.

How are Offers affected by returning tickets?

If you return a ticket which is part of an Offer, you'll be given the option to either recalculate or preserve the Offer prices. Returning tickets might mean that the original Offer no longer applies to the remaining tickets, so choosing to recalculate prices will reflect this and the remaining tickets will no longer be discounted; preserving prices will keep all remaining tickets at their discounted rates.

Are Offer limits affected by returning tickets?

Offer limits always look at the current state of whatever criteria you have chosen. Imagine you've created a Multibuy Offer with a Per Customer limit of four tickets – when a customer has had four tickets discounted, they'll no longer receive this discount on any additional eligible tickets. However, if they then return two discounted tickets, they'll be able to take advantage of the Offer again until they've received this discount against two further tickets.

Does overriding an Offer affect limits?

Yes, it does. Overriding an Offer and forcing it to apply where it wouldn’t normally will give customers the Offer price even if they've already reached that Offer's limit. Overridden tickets will also not be counted towards any limits that apply to the Offer.

Why would I want to set a minimum price an item can be discounted to/minimum basket value?

Imagine you want to build a Multibuy Offer that discounts tickets to £15 if a customer books for three or more Events. If all of your Events have the same ticket prices, this is an easy Offer to build; however, if each Event has a different set of prices, it would quickly get complicated. To make things easy, you can just choose a 100% discount with a Minimum price an item can be discounted to of £15 – the Offer will then discount tickets down to £15 regardless of their full price, with the added bonus of not affecting any tickets which are already priced at £15 or less.

Setting a minimum basket value means you could create an Offer where, for example, a custom spends at least £100, they get 10% off their order: you'd just set the discount to 10% and the minimum basket value to £100.

How do Offer limits work with reservations?

Offer limits treat reserved tickets exactly the same as purchased tickets, in that they count reservations against whatever limits apply. For example, if you have an Offer with a Per Customer Per Event limit of two and a customer reserves two tickets for an Event, the Offer will apply as expected. If the same customers then tries to reserve or purchase any further tickets for that Event, the Offer will not apply as it will count the two reserved tickets against the limit.


If you still have questions about Offers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.


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