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Fixed Series Subscriptions can be really useful, but we appreciate that they can sometimes be quite complicated to set up. There are a few questions that we get asked a lot about Fixed Series, so here are some comments on these frequently asked questions.

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How should I set up my Subscription Groups?

Your Subscription Groups provide the specific groupings of Instances that your customers are going to be buying, so it’s important to make sure you’re setting these up correctly. There are endless ways in which you can do this, depending on the Instances you are including, but here are a few samples to give you an idea of what you might do:

A single all-in Subscription Group - sometimes simple is best. You might have a Fixed Series which contains a small number of Events with one Instance each, in which case you can create a single Subscription Group which contains all of the available Instances.

One Subscription Group per week - if your Fixed Series contains multiple Events,each of which has one Instance a week (for example if you have a number of shows in rep), you might want customers to be able to buy tickets for every Instance taking place each week. You can set up a number of Subscription Groups, one per week of the run, each one containing every Instance happening that week.

Subscription Groups for days of the week - if you have long-running shows in your Fixed Series you could set up Subscription Groups allowing customers to buy tickets for each Event on the same day of the week - for instance the first Mondays of each show, or the first Fridays.

These are just three ways of setting up your Subscription Groups - you can do this however you want, however just remember that you can only have a single Instance of an Event within each Subscription Group.

How do I return a Fixed Series?

Returning a Fixed Series works in much the same way as returning any other tickets, however there is an extra item that you need to remember to return as well as the tickets.

Here is the process for making a full refund: 

  • Find and open the Order as you would normally.
  • Select all of the tickets and choose Return from the drop-down list of options.
  • Select the Fixed Series from the Other Items section and click Return.
  • Both elements will now be in your basket as returns.
  • You can now process the refund as you would normally.

It’s important to make sure you add both parts of the Fixed Series into the basket if you want to completely return an Order. If you only return the tickets then the Order will still have a Fixed Series Subscription within it, and unless the customer wants to retain the right to this Seat in a future rolled over Fixed Series they probably don’t want to keep this item.  If you only return the Fixed Series element then the tickets will still be in the Order, but you won’t be able to roll them over to a subsequent Fixed Series.

How do I swap tickets out of a Fixed Series?

If you want to either delete certain tickets from a Fixed Series, or change the Ticket Type of one or more tickets, you will need to remove the entire subscription from the basket and re-select the tickets using the Fixed Series Wizard.

How do customers buy or release a held Fixed Series online?

Once a customer has held a Fixed Series Subscription, assuming they have an online account they can then log in online at any time and either Cancel or Buy their Subscription. They just need to log in to their account as they would do normally, and navigate to the My Subscriptions page.

From here they can see all of the Fixed Series Subscriptions that they are currently holding, and can choose to what to do with each one.

  • Choosing to Buy Subscription takes the customer into the normal process of buying a Fixed Series (see the Selling a Fixed Series article).
  • Choosing to Cancel Subscription gives the customer a warning to make sure they want to cancel. Clicking Keep subscription returns the customer to the standard My Subscriptions page, while clicking Cancel subscription removes that Fixed Series from the list of currently held subscriptions.


If you have any further questions about setting up or selling Fixed Series Subscriptions please don’t hesitate to contact the Support team, who will be able to help.


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