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Billy Fluck
Billy Fluck
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There are a few places in the Spektrix web journey where Events and Offers can be cross-sold to customers. By default, links to these pages pass to Spektrix iframes, such as our Event Details iframe, to give customers details of what they can do. If your website uses an iframe-only integration then you shouldn’t need to worry, as you can easily add information via Spektrix to include in the relevant iframes.

If however you have custom-built Event or Offer pages, it’s important to make sure you’re always directing customers to these pages. If not, customers could be sent to bare-looking pages without any information encouraging them to purchase more tickets.

There are a range of places in the web journey where you can cross-sell Events or Offers. Customers are cross-sold to different Events from the multibuy page, when incomplete Offers are offered to them:


And also from the basket, if you’ve set up cross-selling of Events.


Offers are linked to from the basket under two different circumstances - firstly when showing potential Offers that customers could take advantage of:


And secondly if an Offer has been applied:


By default, selecting an Event from any of these places will take customers straight to the Event Details iframe, which doesn’t necessarily contain a lot of useful information to help your customers make a decision.


To make this a better experience for your customers you can pre-determine which pages customers are taken to when they follow any of the options listed above, and direct them to the most suitable page for each situation. You can do this using Event URLs and Offer URLs.

Event URLs
You can add Website Content to any Event in the Admin Interface by selecting an Event and heading to the Website section.


If you add information to this section, it will display on the Event Details page for that Event.

If you don’t normally fill this section out then this probably means that you have a custom Event page on your website. In this case you have two options to make certain that you’re directing customers to the right page.

Option 1: Web URL
You can use the Web URL field in each Event to set a link that will direct customers to your Event page. For example if your Event page is then you just need to add this URL to the Website section of each Event, and customers will be directed to your Event page any time they click on a cross-selling link.


Setting a Web URL will override the default link that’s set in your system - see the next section.

Option 2: Event Details URL Template
If your website URLs follow a standard pattern using either the Spektrix Event Id (pulled from our API) or the WebEvent Id (set in Admin on each Event) then it’s possible to set a template for this pattern. If you create a template on your system, cross-selling links will by default use links based on the template, unless you have specific Web URLs for each Event.

To set up a template, you need access to the Website Admin Interface, which means you need to have the Web Integration Administrator user role.

You will find the section to do this under Domain Specific Config > Event Details URL Template.


You can use either the EventId or WebEventId fields to create your template, but you must use one of these. If your URLs don’t use either of these fields, you won’t be able to set up a template.

For example if the URL for Hamlet (which has an Event Id of 6584) at your venue is:


Then you would set the template to be:


Because you set these templates up in the Domain Specific Config section, you can have a custom version for each domain you use.

Offer URLs
As with Events, you can add information to each of your Offers so that when customers click on an Offer name they will see the details of what the Offer entails. You can do this in the Admin Interface as before, under Offers > Website > Offer Page Content.


However, if you have your own custom-built Offers pages you can link to them using the Web URL field instead of using the Offer Page Content. You just need to add the relevant URL to each Offer.


These URLs don’t have to be unique for each offer, so if for example you have one page for all of your season offers, all of the links could point to this. You can then tick the No website content necessary box, as you’re not storing the Offer Page Content in Spektrix.


If you have any further questions or would like to discuss anything covered by this article, please get in touch with the Spektrix Support Team.