Applying for Merchant Numbers for Use With Opayo (formerly SagePay)

Martin Counter
Martin Counter
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In order to process card payments, you need (among other things) a merchant number - sometimes known as a merchant ID, or MID -  to help identify and process each transaction you make. In this article we’re going to take a look at how to get hold of new merchant numbers for use with Opayo.

Why would I need to apply for new merchant numbers?

There are a number of reasons why you might need to apply for new merchant numbers, including:

  • You would like to change merchant acquirer.
  • You would like to change bank accounts.

Not sure of the difference between the different banks and accounts you need, and how they all work with Spektrix? We have a handy guide here with more information on how it all works:

How do I go about getting new merchant numbers?

Here are the steps to follow in order to get hold of new merchant numbers. It’s a relatively simple process, but can be quite time-consuming so if you have a specific time frame to work towards we would recommend completing step one as soon as possible.

Step one: request new merchant numbers
The first thing to do is apply to your acquiring bank for brand new merchant numbers, specifying that they will be used with the Opayo payment service provider (PSP). If you’re changing merchant acquirers, make sure to contact the
new acquiring bank for this. 

There are up to five channels in total which you can get merchant numbers for; three of these are required as standard, while a further two are optional. You may find that you are issued with a single merchant number which covers more than one channel, but don’t worry - that’s fine.

See the attached document for an example of a letter requesting merchant numbers - feel free to adapt this for your own use.

Standard channels
The three channels that you will always need merchant numbers for are:

  • One merchant number for Web/Ecommerce
  • One merchant number for MOTO/Phone/Customer not present
  • One merchant number for EPOS/Chip & PIN

Optional channels
The following two channels are optional, so only request merchant numbers for these if you are going to be using the relevant features:

  • One merchant number for Continuous Authority/Recurring payments.
  • One merchant number to facilitate American Express transactions.

Things to be aware of
Please make sure to say that the merchant numbers will be for use with the Opayo payment provider, as that's a required element of setup, and that the EPOS merchant number is for a virtual terminal (i.e. an integrated Chip & PIN terminal) as opposed to a standalone PDQ machine.

These should be all new merchant numbers and you should not repurpose any that are already in use, even if your acquiring bank offers this. If you were to repurpose these and there was a delay at any point before you actually switched over to using the new merchant numbers, you would be unable to take any payments with your old merchant numbers until the switchover happened.

Also, please note that integrated Chip & PIN pads are supplied by Spektrix so your merchant bank should not be supplying any hardware.

There may be an administrative fee for the setup - again this can vary across acquirers.

Step two: provide information to Spektrix Support
Once you have received your new merchant numbers, please complete the two setup documents below:

Please then pass these completed documents onto the Spektrix Support team or your project manager. Once that is done, we can start the process of getting you up and running with these new accounts.

Our payment service provider will normally set these accounts up in five working days, although this can sometimes take longer, depending on when Opayo receive confirmation from your merchant bank that the details are correct.

Once the testing is confirmed the final step is for you to confirm the time and date when you would like the new merchant numbers to be switched on in Spektrix.


If you have any questions about this process please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team.