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Offering Gift Vouchers in the box office and online gives your customers the opportunity to purchase Account Credit on your system as a gift for someone else. In this article we’re taking a look at how to search for Gift Vouchers once they’ve been purchased, and how to report on Gift Vouchers sold in your system. If you haven’t already, we’d recommend reading our article about Setting Up, Selling and Redeeming Gift Vouchers before you go any further.

Searching for Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers in Spektrix work by issuing a unique code that can be used by either the purchaser or the recipient to purchase items (in the Sales Interface or online) or add credit to a customer's account.

If you need to track the activity related to a specific voucher (e.g. to check when it was redeemed or against whose customer record), you can search for it using this unique code. Performing a Voucher Search will allow you to trace all activity related to a particular voucher code, and identify the following pieces of information:

  • Basic details such as the value of the voucher, the date on which it was purchased and its expiry date.
  • The order in which it was purchased.
  • The customer who redeemed it, and the date it was redeemed.
  • Any orders for which the voucher was used as payment

You’ll find the Voucher Search section in the Sales Interface under Other > Voucher Search.

To search for a specific voucher, just enter the voucher code in question and click the Search button. The search results will look like this:

The first part of the Voucher Search will show you when the voucher was purchased, redeemed and used, along with links to any relevant Order or customer records. Anything underlined is a clickable link, which will take you to either the Orders or Customers section of the Sales Interface.

The second part gives you the details of the voucher's original purchase, including its value and how much has been used/is still remaining, when (and how) it was delivered, and when it will expire. It also gives you details of what message (if any) was included on the voucher.

Expired vouchers
After a voucher is purchased, it remains valid for a set period of time – this is a default setting which you can change at a system level (see this article) that will then apply to every Gift Voucher you sell. Once this time period runs out, if a voucher hasn’t been redeemed, it’s considered expired and will display in the Voucher Search with a red Expired message against it.

Once expired, Gift Vouchers can’t be extended or reissued. If you choose to allow a customer to use an expired Gift Voucher, you’ll need to use an appropriate Custom Payment Type to sell them a new Voucher – just make sure you let your Finance team know about it!

What if the code doesn’t work?
If you enter your voucher code and get the message Cannot find a gift voucher with that voucher code, this means that code you’ve entered has never existed on your system.

Usually this means that an invalid code was entered into the search, so please check that you entered the code exactly as it appears on the voucher (including hyphens) and that there isn’t an extra space at either the start or end of the code.

Can customers find out their Gift Voucher balance/when their Gift Voucher expires online?
By switching on the option to Display “My Account Credit” section on your website in the Settings Interface under Configuration > System Setup > Website, customers will be able to log in to their account to see when any Gift Vouchers they've redeemed were issued, when they expire, and how much of their total value they’ve already used. They’ll also be able to keep track of any Account Credit they hold here:


Reporting on Gift Vouchers

If you need to report on the sale and redemption of Gift Vouchers across your system, the best report to use is the Special Report, which (unlike most Standard reports) you can find in Insights & Mailings under Reports > Special Reports.

To run this report, just choose the date range that you’re interested in and then click either the Run by month or Run by year buttons (the other two options return the data in XML format, which we don’t recommend using). The report will run in the background as usual, so just click on the link when it appears in the top right corner to open the PDF - it will show up as BalanceReport.pdf

As you can see, the report breaks down the amount of credit that’s been issued, spent, and expired on your system over the time period you’ve specified, breaking it down by Account Credits, Gift Vouchers and Order Deposits. See our How Does Spektrix Deal With Credits article for more information about Account Credit.

If you run the report By Month,you’ll see the data split out monthly as above. However, if you run it By Year, you’ll instead see one section for each of the years within your time range.

The Period Ending date is determined by the Financial Year setting within your system, so while this example shows the 31st March, when you run this report you’ll see whatever date is set on your system. If you need to change this date, please get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.


You should now have everything you need to be able to search for and report on Gift Vouchers in your system. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss anything in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.


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