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There are two types of training packs available to all Spektrix clients - see here for more information on the differences between those two types. This article focuses on consultative training packs and gives a little detail on what they are, when to request them and how to make the most of them.

What are consultative training packs?

Once you’ve had all of your system training, and are comfortable using the Spektrix system, the next step might be to think about how you can really make the most of the available tools in the system, and put them to best use in order to achieve your organisation’s strategic goals. To this effect we have created a series of training packs which go beyond the basic uses of Spektrix, exploring ways that the Support team can help you grow and to do great things.

Spektrix’s consultative training packs are designed to get you talking across departments, working together as effectively as possible and sharing ideas throughout your organisation. Unlike system training packs, which cover how to use specific parts of the system, the focus with consultative packs is on planning and implementing longer-term ideas and processes.

When can I ask for a consultative pack?

These packs build upon existing skills and knowledge, so it’s important that everyone involved in each session is already familiar with the basics of how to use the relevant parts of Spektrix. There’s no right answer as to when it’s best to request one of these packs, as it will depend on each organisation’s needs and ways of working, but generally speaking it’s worth thinking of them as advanced sessions.

If you’re interested in one of these packs but aren’t sure whether you’re in a position to make best use of it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team to discuss the idea before making your request.

How do I request a consultative pack?

You can request one or more consultative training packs in the same way as you would ask for any other training pack. The Request Training form is split into two sections, so if you want to request a consultative pack just make sure you select that option and you will be taken through to choose which pack(s) you want to request.

As these packs are slightly different to system training packs, and require a fair amount of existing knowledge, we recommend that you don’t request both types of packs for the same day.

What’s available?

Here’s some information about each of the consultative training packs that are available at the moment.

Asking for Donations
This interactive session is designed to empower your customer-facing teams with the knowledge and confidence to consistently ask for donations, enabling your organisation to increase its overall donated revenue and box office conversion rate. The outcomes of this session include:

  • A frontline sales team who are comfortable and confident asking customers for donations.
  • A team who fully understand why donated income is so important for your organisation.
  • An increase in average donation conversion rate for counter and phone sales, leading to an overall increase in donated income.

This session should involve everyone who processes phone and/or counter transactions as well as at least one person from your fundraising team, with leadership coming from at least one member of your senior management team who has oversight of the organisation’s finances and donated income - this could be your General Manager, Fundraising Manager, or someone similar.

Cross-selling and Up-selling
This session aims to provide frontline sales staff with the skills and confidence to actively upsell to customers, and to increase secondary spend and multibuy purchasing. The outcomes of this session are:

  • Frontline sales team understanding how and why their role is crucial for your earned revenue.
  • An increase in secondary spend in Counter/Phone sales.
  • An increase in basket sizes as customers are encouraged to book for more related events.

This is appropriate to all box office staff, and indeed anyone who processes phone and/or counter bookings.

Email Automation
Email automation can save you time and help you better engage with customers. This training pack covers how to use the various automation tools within Spektrix (not including automated email programs), with the outcomes being:

  • Saving time on email campaigns.
  • Customising standard communications based on customers’ relationships with you (for example different pre show emails for first timers and regular bookers).
  • Improving the customer experience and relationship with you.

This session is suitable for anyone who communicates regularly with customers, whether that’s in terms of Sales, Marketing or Fundraising. It should include whoever is in charge of your organisation’s communication strategy, as well as day to day users.

Increasing Secondary Spend Online
The goal of this training pack is to help you understand how to increase earned revenue through up-front sales of supplementary items at the time of booking on your website. The outcomes for this session are:

  • To have a selection of value-added secondary items available for customers to select online.
  • To increase income from up-front sales of secondary items and/or events.
  • To understand how to incorporate these items and events into a seamless customer booking journey.

This project should involve anyone with a vested interest in overall earned revenue, including (but not limited to) Sales and Marketing staff, and your General Manager (or equivalent role).

Using Offers Strategically
It’s easy to get into a pattern of reactive discounting, with customers coming to expect last-minute deals. This consultation will look at how to use Offers strategically, to change your customers’ booking habits and encourage early sales. The sessions aims are to:

  • Review your current discounts and Offers, and reassess their value to your organisation.
  • Create a new Offers strategy which justifies every Offer that’s made available.
  • Review your Offers messaging, and use segmentation to communicate specific Offers to eligible customers.

This session will require buy-in from your senior management team in order to implement the changes, and should include anyone involved in your organisation’s pricing strategy and sales targets.

Assess Your Access
This project should provide you with the knowledge and support to help your organisation proactively take the next steps towards evaluating and developing your access booking procedures. The project, including an interactive workshop session, is designed to provide a contextual framework to assess current practices within your organisation and, using the Spektrix tools provided, to form both short term solutions and long term strategies. The outcomes include:

  • An understanding of why making your booking processes accessible is important.
  • A mapped-out journey for customers wanting to book accessible seats/accessible performances in person, on the phone and online.
  • A process for access customers to be identified in your system.
  • Using Spektrix system concepts and your venue and customer knowledge to make specific accessible seats available online to customers.

This session will require buy-in from your senior management team in order to implement the changes, and should include anyone involved in your organisation’s sales procedures and communications, including management and front-line staff.


As and when more consultative training packs are available, we’ll add them to this list and make them available to request via the Support Centre form.

If you have any further questions about these training packs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.

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