How to Find Your Spektrix Clientname

Harry Brett-Jones
Harry Brett-Jones
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The Spektrix system is a cloud-based application, with hundreds of client organisations each accessing their own instance of the software. Each organisation has its own unique identifier which distinguishes its own system from every other one - this is the Spektrix clientname and, in this article we’re going to take a look at why it’s useful to know your clientname, how you can find it and what you can do with it once you have it.

NOTE: if you just need a quick recap on where your clientname can be found, skip to this part of the article.

Why do I need to know my organisation’s clientname?

Simply put, without your clientname you won’t be able to access Spektrix – it’s the key piece of information which makes sure you’re logging into the correct system.

If you’ve bookmarked your Spektrix URL then you won’t need to manually enter the clientname as it should already be in there, but you might at some point need to access Spektrix from another computer (or your phone), or use your clientname to set up or access certain parts of the system, so it’s useful to have this information just in case.

How do I find my organisation’s clientname?

You don’t need to memorise your clientname, but it’s good to know where you can find it if you need it. Luckily, it’s easy to find by looking at your Spektrix URL; as long as you know which part of the URL is the clientname section, you’ll be able to find it any time you’re logged into Spektrix.

NOTE: if you don’t know your clientname and don’t currently have access to your Spektrix URL (if you’re logging in from a new computer, for example) then you’ll need to either ask a colleague for it or get in touch with the Spektrix Support team who will be able to help.

To find your clientname, first open Spektrix and then log in. Next, look at the address bar at the top of your browser window:

The Spektrix URL is broken down into a few parts – it will always begin with, followed by your clientname, followed by a string which represents where you presently are in the system.

For example, if your organisation is called Example Theatre, then your Spektrix URL for the Sales Interface will be as follows:


As you can see, in this example the clientname is exampletheatre.

Things to remember about your clientname
There are just a few things to point out regarding your clientname, which it’s useful to be aware of:

  • It’s all one word: don’t be tempted to add spaces
  • It’s all lower case: you don’t need to worry about adding in capital letters
  • It doesn’t need punctuation: don’t add in commas, apostrophes or anything else like that

Where will I need to use my organisation’s clientname?

There are a few situations in which you might need to know your clientname, or be able to find it. Some of these include:

Accessing your Spektrix system 
Wherever you're logging in from, whether your usual desk, a new computer, from home, via your phone, or any other location – you can always get into Spektrix as long as you know your clientname and the standard Spektrix URL.

The URL differs depending on which part of the system you're logging into, but you can always use the default login URL:

  • - where you use your own clientname in place of exampletheatre

Following this link will take you to the usual Spektrix login page. Once you’ve entered your username and password, you’ll be taken to whichever interface you've set as your default, and can get to work.

Installing the Box Office App
If you ever need to install or troubleshoot the Box Office App, chances are you’ll need to know your clientname so that you can register the Box Office App to your organisation. See our article on Understanding and Installing the Box Office App for more information.

Logging into the Scanning Interface
If your organisation uses ticket scanners, you may need to log into the Scanning Interface on one or more devices. To do this you’ll need the specific URL for the Scanning Interface, including your organisation’s clientname. Read The Spektrix Scanning Interface for more information.

Calling up the Support line
If you’re getting in touch with the Spektrix Support team for help or advice, it’s useful to have your clientname to hand as it’s the best way for the team to quickly identify which system you’re using. The quicker that’s identified, the sooner the conversation can progress to finding a solution to your query.

In particular, if you’re calling up for help troubleshooting a ticket printer, chip & PIN machine or ticket scanner, there’s a good chance your clientname will be useful as it’s often required for testing things like the Box Office App (as mentioned above).


If you have any further questions about your clientname, or would like to discuss anything in more detail, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.