Installing a PIN Pad With Opayo (Formerly SagePay) Guardian Software Version 14.01 and Above

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In this article, we'll be using the new name for SagePay, Opayo.

The latest version of Opayo's Guardian software changes much of the installation and configuration processes. This article is here to help you configure the software correctly when you're installing the newer Verifone P400 PIN pads with version 14 or higher, or if you're installing a VX820 with the updated version 14 or higher Guardian software.

In this article, we'll cover:

Installing the Guardian software

You'll need to start by downloading the latest version of the software here. 

Once downloaded, you need to extract the files to the C:\ drive (your local drive) so that the following folder structure is created:



This folder structure must not be changed as Guardian will expect that the above folder structure exists.

NOTE: please be aware the VerfioneDrivers folder is misnamed in installation.

To extract the files in the right location, the best method is to save the zip file to the C:\ drive (your local drive) on the machine. Right-click the zip file, choose your unzipping software and choose Extract here to unzip the files to the same location (your C:\ drive):




In the popup, make sure you select to extract the files to your C:\ drive, then click Extract:


NOTE: you may see different options if you have an alternative file archiving (zipping/unzipping) software installed on your computer; regardless of what you use, you just need to ensure that the files within the zip file are unzipped to your C:\ drive.

If the root folder in the C:\ drive says 'sagepay-v14.x' instead of just sagepay then the extraction has effectively gone one level too deep. To correct this just click into that folder, copy the sagepay folder underneath and paste it back into the C:\ drive. You can then delete the sagepay-v14.x folder.


Information about transactions processed on your PIN pad will be stored in this new folder and passed to Opayo. It is very important that any user who logs in to the PC has permission to write to this folder. If they don't, information about transactions processed while they're logged in to the PC won't be passed back to Opayo and the transactions won't successfully settle into your bank account.

To set the correct permissions on the folder, navigate to the C:\ drive, right-click on the sagepay folder and select Properties from the menu:



Go to the Security tab and click Edit:



In the new Permissions window that appears, click Add:


Another window will appear. Type Everyone into the empty box, before clicking OK:


Back in the Permissions window, highlight Everyone in the Group or user names list. In the panel below, marked Permissions for Everyone, tick Allow against Full Control:



Click Apply, then OK, then OK again to close the sagepay properties window.


Configuring the Guardian software

Head to C:\sagepay\guardian\bin and open the file named Integral.WinApp.GuardianConfiguration.exe – we advise choosing to open this program as an administrator, by right-clicking on its name and selecting Run as administrator:




You'll see a welcome screen, then the General Configuration tab. Please note on later software versions you will see the Opayo logo rather than the SagePay logo, but the configuration is the same.

General Configuration


Please complete the following fields:

  • IntegrationType: should default to Direct; if it hasn't, choose this from the dropdown
  • MerchantName: your organisation's name
  • Address 1: your organisation's address line 1
  • Address 2: your organisation's address line 2
  • Address 3: we suggest you put your organisation's city/town into this field
  • Address 4: we suggest you put your organisation's postcode into this field
  • PhoneNumber: we suggest you put your organisation's public phone number here, e.g. your box office number

Admin Configuration Tab


No adjustment should be needed from the default settings of this tab.

Server Configuration Tab


Please complete the following fields:

  • MerchantsAcquirer: select your merchant acquirer (Lloyds, Streamline, Barclays, etc.) – this is the bank who have issued your merchant numbers
  • AvailableCurrency: select your currency type (GBP or EUR)
  • ConfigMode: should default to Fully Integrated; if it hasn't, choose this from the dropdown
  • InstallationType: select LIVE
  • SagepayLiveID: contact Spektrix Support for confirmation of this ID, e.g. PR142
  • EposType: should default to Till is not a Microsoft Retail Management till; if it hasn't, choose this from the dropdown
  • PayrouterMerchantID: contact Spektrix Support for confirmation of this ID, e.g. ADN-SPTX-THEATRENAME
  • PayrouterClientID: contact Spektrix Support for confirmation of this ID, e.g. POS1
  • ChipAndPinDevice: select either VX820 or Engage (P400) depending on the model of PIN pad you're installing
  • ChipAndPinDeviceComPort: this is the COM port assigned by your computer to the PIN pad. In most cases this will be COM9; however, it can be checked by checking the COM port list in Windows Device Manager
  • SplitCardTendering: should default to Card split tendering is controlled by EPOS application; if it hasn't, choose this from the dropdown
  • CardSwipeLocation: should default to Card is swiped on chip and pin device; if it hasn't, choose this from the dropdown
  • AutoAcceptonPinVerification: select True
  • AutoAcceptTappednoVerification: should default to True; if it hasn't, choose this from the dropdown
  • CashbackType: select Cashback not enabled
  • MakeReceiptsAvailabletoClient: select True

Client Configuration Tab


This tab should not require any changes. However, it's worth checking the following fields are correct:

  • ClientStartupPosition: should default to Centered on screen; if it hasn't, choose this from the dropdown
  • ClientAlwaysOnTop: should default to True; if it hasn't, choose this from the dropdown

TMS Settings


No settings should need to be changed on this screen. However, should you have a problem with a TMS call being run automatically between 11pm - 1am on a daily basis, you might want to change this setting. For example, if you regularly hold late night events with in-person bookings happening in the early hours of the morning, you might want to select to have these TMS calls run between 3am - 5am.

What is a TMS call? A TMS call is the PIN pad connecting to Opayo's servers and confirming if there have been any configuration changes it should be aware of. For example, when contactless card payment limits were raised from £30 to £45 in 2020, a TMS call was required to update the PIN pad. With this happening automatically on a daily basis, you can ensure you're taking advantage of the latest security and payment settings.

NOTE: these TMS calls can only be run between 11pm and 5am. If you're not able to always leave your computer on overnight, we'd recommend doing so at least once a month in order to let the PIN pad run this TMS call.


Running a TMS call

Once you have completed the above configuration, hit the Run TMS Call Now button in the bottom right-hand corner; you'll then be presented with three options:

  • Standard TMS Call: this can be used to update the configuration on the PIN pad. It's also the correct option if you are setting up a brand new PIN pad for use with Spektrix
  • Force full download to ped: you may be asked to select this option by the Spektrix Support, Training and Consultancy team whilst troubleshooting
  • Upload log files from ped: this option is not used


Following a successful TMS call the PIN pad should go through a number of automatic uploads and eventually finish on a screen saying Welcome to SagePay.

As long as you have correctly configured the Spektrix Box Office App (more information on doing so can be found in this article), you should now be able to test payments.


Further reading

Hopefully this article has given you everything you need in order to install the Opayo Guardian software. We'd recommend you also check out these other articles:


If you have any other questions about installing the Guardian software or the the Spektrix Box Office App, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support, Training and Consultancy team.


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