Installing a Verifone P400 PIN Pad For Use With Opayo (Formerly SagePay)

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In this article, we'll be using the new name for SagePay, Opayo.

This article is here to help you with the installation of a Verifone P400 pin pad for use with Opayo. Before following this guide, you'll need to have a Verifone P400 PIN pad, delivered by Opayo

Before following this guide you will need to be in possession of a Verifone P400 pin pad delivered by Opayo and have already downloaded the latest Guardian Software (version 14 or higher) onto your PC; the latest Guardian software can be found here.

NOTE: you may need administrator privileges on your PC in order to complete installation; if you're not sure if you have the necessary permissions, speak to your IT team.

In this article, we'll cover:

  • Installing the Verifone P400 drivers
    • Checking the drivers have installed correctly
  • Final setup
    • Guardian software
    • The Spektrix Box Office App
  • Further reading

Installing the Verifone P400 drivers

The drivers for the Verifone P400 are included within the Guardian software installation, as per the guide hereHowever, you need to run the setup file to complete the installation.

Start by unzipping the following file:


NOTE: please be aware the VerfioneDrivers folder is misnamed in installation.

Right-click the zip file, choose your unzipping software and choose Extract here to unzip the files to the same location:




In the popup, make sure the Show extracted files when complete check box is ticked and click Extract:



Once the file is unzipped, you'll see folders for both 32 bit and 64 bit installations:


If you're unsure which is the right one to fit your PC's specifications, follow the instructions here to find out which system type you're running, or contact your IT team.

Open the correct folder for your system type and run the file called VerifoneUnifiedDriverInstallerXX.msi, where XX is either 32 or 64. depending on your system type:


This will start the installation process. Click Next:


This should default to COM9, which is the port your PIN pad will connect to by default. Check it has, then click Next:


Click Install to install the drivers:



Checking the drivers have installed correctly

Now you've installed these drivers, you'll want to test them.

Start by plugging your PIN pad's power cable into the mains, then plug the USB cable in your PC. You'll then need to open Device Manager by hitting the Windows button in your taskbar, typing Device, then clicking Device Manager. Under the Ports section, you should see the PIN pad disabled against COM9:



Final setup

Guardian software

If this is a new installation, you'll need to run a TMS call to download the correct software configuration to your PIN pad; just follow the steps listed under Running a TMS call in the Guardian installation guide.


The Spektrix Box Office App

Before you can take a test payment, you'll need to make a small change to the configuration change to the Spektrix Box Office App. If this is a new setup, you'll need to follow our guide on installing the Box Office App here.

If you already have the Box Office App configured for previous chip & PIN payments, you'll need to open the App, click the Chip & Pin Terminal tab and tick the check box labelled Guardian V14:



Click Ok, restart your PC, then test chip and PIN transaction in the Sales Interface.

Further reading

Hopefully this article has given you everything you need in order to install the Opayo Guardian software. We'd recommend you also check out these other articles:


If you have any other questions about installing the Verifone P400 PIN pads, the Opayo Guardian software, or the Spektrix Box Office App, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.


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