Managing Contact Tracing Using Spektrix: Collecting Details of All Attendees (UK)

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Many Spektrix users, especially those in England, have contacted us recently to ask how best to log the details of all attendees (rather than just the lead booker), so that NHS Test and Trace knows exactly who has been in your building. The latest guidance on Test and Trace can be found on the UK Government website.

Usually, the easiest approach will be to invite people to scan in using the NHS Covid-19 app and posters displaying your organisation's personalised QR code. However, you do need to provide an alternative for people without a smartphone, or who don't wish to use the app.

In this article, we'll give a summary of two possible options we know are being used by some of our clients right now. If you've come up with any other solutions, we'd love to hear from you – just drop us an email at!

You can either start by watching this video, or just read about the options below:

Using a paper tear-off slip to collect attendee's details

Many venues are offering Print at Home tickets/e-tickets only right now, giving customers the option to show their ticket on their smartphone or print their ticket out themselves, rather than having tickets held at the box office or posted to them.

For those who show their ticket on their smart phone, you can encourage them to scan in using the NHS Covid-19 app. If. however, they've brought a printed ticket or don't wish to use the app, you can design this to include a tear-off slip which they can complete and then post in a box on arrival as an alternative. 

Here's an example of how Town Hall Symphony Hall in Birmingham have included this as part of their Print at Home/e-ticket design:


They’ve used an extra-long ticket design in Spektrix to ‘overprint’ the order details – you can set up something similar in Spektrix like this:


Consider making the messaging on your ticket really clear and concise, encouraging people who are printing their tickets to fill out these details before they arrive at your venue, ready to post the slip.

For more information, have a read of our articles on setting up Print at Home tickets/e-tickets and using the Ticket Design Tool.


Collecting attendee's details on the door

There are lots of form-building tools online that you could use to create a form that your Front of House team can use to collect attendee's details on the door using a phone or tablet. Here's one example using JotForm:


If you scan tickets, you could do that this at the same time as collecting the attendees' details. This would allow you to use Excel to connect a seat number with each attendee's details, should you need to.


Best practice

Here are some tips for making this process really clear for customers:

  • Make sure you're displaying your NHS Test and Trace QR code posters in lots of places; this will likely be the quickest way to get people into the building. You could also give a laminated copy to all Front of House team members
  • Throughout the purchase path, ensure you clearly communicate what attendees can expect when they visit
  • Send Pre-Show Emails ahead of events, describing what to expect on the door and making clear that the NHS app is the quickest way to get into the auditorium
    • If you currently have your Pre- and Post-Show Email Global Criteria set to only send emails to people who've agreed to marketing emails from you, you might consider deleting these criteria and removing marketing content from your Pre-Show Emails; this will ensure these emails are seen by as many customers are possible. You can set this criteria on an email-by-email basis (e.g. against any Pre-Show Emails that contain marketing content, all Post-Show Emails, etc.) as needed
  • You should also always collect the name and phone number of a lead booker for each party as an Order Attribute in the purchase path at the time of booking; see our article on Managing Contact Tracing Using Spektrix: Collecting the Lead Booker's Details (UK) for details on how to set this up


We welcome any information, suggestions or insight you'd like to share around reopening, and we're grateful to everyone who's already shared their experiences and perspectives from across the sector. Please email us on if you want to talk through your questions, plans or ideas.


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