Restricting and Authorizing Access to Spektrix

Harry Brett-Jones
Harry Brett-Jones
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There are organizations who may have different policies on what websites can be accessible by their members and through which networks and devices. Organizations may want to restrict access to Spektrix, having it only accessible for certain IP addresses, such as limiting access to only computers in their venue. Other organizations may have restrictions in place and may need to authorize Spektrix domains to allow access on their network. In this article we will take a look at:


Restricting Access to Spektrix by IP Addresses

It’s possible to restrict access to your Spektrix system based on IP Address, preventing anyone from logging into the system from outside your venue. This offers a useful layer of additional security to help ensure that only authorized users can access your system. In this article we’re going to take a look at how to set this up, how to edit the list of approved IP addresses, and what happens if users need to access your system from elsewhere.

Don’t worry if you have users who work away from their desks, or who need to use Spektrix on a mobile device. You can choose to either authorize that device for a short period of time or permanently authorize someone's home computer (assuming they have a static IP address).


Setting up your IP Addresses

The first thing you need to do is to let us know which IP address(es) you want to be able to access your system. Contact Support with the details of the IP address(es) you want to have added.

There needs to be at least one valid IP address - generally this will be the main IP address for the network which your box office computers are connected to. You can add as many approved IP addresses as you want; for example, if you have multiple venues or if your back office is on a different network to your box office.

Once a member of the Support team has added your IP address(es), you’ll be able to head to the Settings Interface and go to Configuration > Security to see the list of addresses and add any additional addresses you want to include at a later date.

NOTE: you won’t be able to see the Security option in the Configuration menu until the Support team have added the first set of valid IP addresses.

Only users with internet connections which use the specified IP address(es) will now be able to access your Spektrix system. Other users will need to request temporary access (see below) in order to log in. Alternatively, you can add the IP address for their location to the accepted IP list.


Adding and removing IP addresses

Once you have at least one authorized IP address, you can add additional addresses and edit or remove any which subsequently change.

From Settings Interface > Configuration > Security click the New Authorised IP Address button to add a new IP address.

  • IP Address: enter the address you want to authorize. This can be a single IP address or a range specified using CIDR notation.
  • Description: enter a brief description to make it clear what the IP address refers to, for future reference.

Once you have added everything, click the Create Authorised IP Address button.


Granting Temporary Access

If a user attempts to access your Spektrix system from an IP address which isn’t on your approved list, they will be presented with a screen explaining that they can’t access the system and that they will need to request access from their current location.

They will need to provide their location, a reason for the request and their Spektrix credentials.

Once submitted, their request will appear in the Security page under the Pending Access Requests section, and all users with the Settings Administrator role will receive an email notification.

You can approve or reject requests by clicking either the Approve or Reject button in the far-right column.

If you approve a request, you’ll be asked how many days you want to authorise that connection for (the maximum being 30). After that period has expired, the user will need to request access once again if they want to connect using the same IP address.

NOTE: temporary access is provided through the use of browser cookies, which means that, once granted, a user will be able to access Spektrix from any location, but only from the device and browser that they used to make the access request.


Changes to IP Addresses

We recognize that there may be situations in which IP addresses might change at short notice; for example, in the case when a main internet connection fails and a 3G dongle has to be used instead.

To handle this, each time a user accesses your system from an authorised IP address, their browser/device is also granted temporary access for one day. This allows them to continue accessing the system from that browser/device even if their IP address were to change.  

This one-day temporary access will be shown in the list of approved access requests labelled with Automatically created from IP address.

Users taking advantage of this temporary access will need to switch back to the approved IP address before the end of that one day period if they want to continue being able to access the system (or have their new IP address added to the approved list during that time).  


A note on security

The Spektrix Support team are not permitted to make any changes to your security settings, due to the difficulty in validating your identity. Therefore please bear in mind that only users in your venue with access to the Settings Interface (see this article for more information on user roles) will be able to amend the settings.


Authorizing Spektrix domains

Some organizations need to limit the websites that their users can connect to. In these cases, only certain authorized websites are allowed to be visited.

If you want to authorize Spektrix addresses on your network, you can do this via Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). Click the box below for a list of the Spektrix addresses.

  • You should make sure computers on your network using Spektrix can always access:

    • The main Spektrix system
    • The Spektrix API
    • * and on port 443: The Box Office app (preferred method)

      If you're unable to use the above, use

    • Card Payments through the Phone Channel
    • Announcements under the "What's New" notification on the Support Centre
    • Browse Support Centre Articles and log Support Tickets from within your Spektrix system

NOTE: the IP addresses of these addresses can change due to the nature of our cloud-based infrastructure, which may have implications if your organization needs to authorize access to Spektrix. See below for more information on this.

If you use SagePay for Chip and PIN, there are other addresses you need to authorize on any machine with a PIN pad connected – these are referenced here.


Authorizing by IP address

Sometimes, network administrators prefer (or are only able) to authorize via IP address.
As mentioned earlier, however, the cloud-based services we use for Spektrix can change. Our IP addresses are not fixed, and do change dynamically; because of that, we won't be able to give you notice of any changes and you're therefore at risk of some services being temporarily unavailable to you.

If you aren't able to authorise via FQDN, then we recommend that you don't restrict access on your machines. In the short term, you could authorise our IP addresses, click the box below for a list of IP addresses:

    • and
    • and

    Click here to find the latest range of Microsoft SignalR addresses. Download the JSON file and search for the IP Range under the name AzureSignalR.WestEurope. (our Box Office App)

    Click here to view the range of addresses documented by Cloudflare. These are in Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) format

    REMINDER: These IP addresses may change and we won't be able to notify you of any changes. While it's certainly possible to authorize in this way, we would recommend looking for an alternative method where possible.