FAQ - How Do I Process a Transaction with a Custom Payment Type?

Jack Evans
Jack Evans
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Along with the standard payment types (cash, card, Chip & PIN (for UK/ROI users), Account Credit, and – as long as you have them enabled – Gift Vouchers, you can create Custom Payment Types to accept (and refund) other methods of payment; for example, cheque, BACS, or invoice.

NOTE: Custom Payment Types can only be used in the Sales Interface, and aren't available online.

How do I create a new Custom Payment Type?

You can create both payment and refund Custom Payment Types in the Admin Interface, following the instructions in this article.

How do I process a transaction with a Custom Payment Type?

Add any items to your basket as usual, making sure you have a customer in the basket, a delivery type selected, and have completed any compulsory Pre Payment Options.

Click the Payments bar to display all possible payment types. Any Custom Payment Types that you set up will be available under the Payments tab of this section:


As with the standard payment types, click the Custom Payment Type you wish to use. This will open a Payment Options pop-up:


The Amount to Pay will be auto-completed based on the value of the basket. Commissions and Custom Payment Type Attributes will also appear here if these were included as part of the setup of the Custom Payment Type. In this example, there's no commission to be charged, but providing an invoice number is mandatory.

Click Ok and the amount paid using this Custom Payment Type will appear in the Payments section:


You can then confirm the transaction as normal to complete the sale.

Things to consider

  • Any time you create a new Custom Payment Type, we would strongly suggest you create a matching refund type as well
  • In the process of making a transaction in Spektrix, some methods of payment can be cancelled once the payment has been made, but before the order has been confirmed. In the Sales Interface, this is represented by a small red cross icon against the payment, like this:


    When you're creating a Custom Payment Type you have the choice of whether to allow payments to be cancelled or not. If you don't allow your Custom Payment Type to be cancelled, it will behave in the same way as a card payment, and you'll need to make a refund rather than simply cancelling the payment. Generally speaking, we would recommend that you do to allow your Custom Payment Types to be cancelled


You should now have everything you need to be able process a transaction using a Custom Payment Types in Spektrix. If you have any further questions, however, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.