Introduction to the Spektrix Box Office App

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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The Spektrix Box Office App allows you to connect hardware to Spektrix through your PC. Spektrix works with hardware such as ticket printers, cash drawers and PIN Pads (also known as card machines, Chip & PIN, Contactless, PDQ machines and PEDs)

This article explains how the Spektrix Box Office App works, allowing you to print tickets and take payments in person at the box office.

Before getting started make sure you’re familiar with:

WARNING: The Spektrix Box Office App is a Windows-only application; it can't be installed on a Mac

What is the Spektrix Box Office App?

The Spektrix Box Office App is a piece of software, known as middleware, which allows Spektrix to communicate with the hardware connected to your PC.

TIP: The Box Office App only needs installing on computers which are physically connected to ticket printers, PIN pads and cash drawers through a wired USB connection.

The Box Office App works with:

  • Ticket printers: to format tickets correctly for printing. The Box Office App allows you print tickets from any computer, without needing to network your printers; provided the App is running on the computer the printer is connected to, you can print from anywhere you log in to Spektrix.
  • PIN pads: to communicate with payment software.
  • Cash registers: connected via USB.


How does the Spektrix Box Office App work?

The Spektrix Box Office App works by connecting Spektrix to hardware through that PC.

To link up your Box Office App you’ll need to input your Spektrix Clientname and your Computer name.

TIP: In this case, your Computer name can be anything which allows your team to easily identify it, for example Box Office 1

When you connect a printer(s) and a PIN pad(s) to your PC, they will appear as options in the Box Office App.

After adding a device to the App, it will be available for anyone in your organisation to use, provided the App is kept running on the PC it is connected to.


How to install the Spektrix Box Office App

For full instructions on installing and setting up the Spektrix Box Office App, read Installing the Spektrix Box Office App.

Watch the following video to see what the Box Office App looks like when installed:


Note: this video uses Windows 10 Pro. Your screen layout may vary depending on which version of Windows you use.


You now have the information you need, ready to install the Spektrix Box Office App.

You can read more about using the Box Office App here: