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Nicola Bierton
Nicola Bierton
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Spektrix Training, at your fingertips

Welcome to your suite of on-demand training videos, covering subjects from Sales to Fundraising, Event Set Up and System Administration. 

These videos offer you the chance to refresh your memory, learn the system for the first time or boost your Spektrix system confidence!

With our range of on demand videos, you can stop, restart and jump forwards or backwards in time to match a pace of learning that suits you. Take your time and take advantage of being empowered to upskill with no barriers. 

We have also increased our accessibility options with these videos. Each video is captioned and you can amend the audio settings; the videos are designed to help you. 


How does the On-Demand Library work?

Once you know what subject you’d like to learn about, scroll down to the expandable section and hit play!

You can watch the videos in any order, or just watch the videos related to what you're looking for. However, if you are new to Spektrix, we recommend starting with Sales, Customer Relationship Management and Segmentation (in that order) to get a broad overview of the system and its functionality.

Once you've watched those videos, you will have a solid understanding that will stand you in great stead to watch any of the other videos that are relevant to your role or interest. 


Core Concepts

Before getting started with our On Demand training, you'll first need a good understanding of the core concepts of Spektrix.

Our core concepts are covered in eight bite-size videos of just a few minutes each that will give you the language and context to be able to hit the ground running with the On Demand training.

Watch the Core Concept videos


The Library covers:

  • Sales explores the Sales Interface including processing sales, refunds, creating Customer accounts and more.
  • Customer Relationship Management covers your Customer accounts including how to attach additional information to them, such as Normal Tags and Contact Preferences.
  • Segmentation looks at Customer Lists, Global and Local Segments, and Autotags.
  • Event Set Up covers setting up all aspects of your Events and Instances.
  • Reporting looks at the basics of Reporting in Spektrix, from searching for a report to setting up automated Report Schedules.
  • Offers and Eligibility covers setting up Offers, Merchandise, Priority Booking and more .
  • DotDigital and Email Automation shows how to create a campaign in DotDigital and sending integrated emails via Spektrix. 
  • Fundraising and Opportunities covers the Opportunities Interface and Fundraising tools in Spektrix. 
  • Gift Aid covers Gift Aid setup, declarations, and claiming with HMRC.
  • Fixed Series covers the basics of what a Fixed Series Subscription is in Spektrix, how to sell them, and the step by step process of planning out a Fixed Series build from scratch and the Roll Over process. 
  • Ticket Subscriptions covers the creation and selling of Ticket Subscriptions. These videos are contained within a separate Ticket Subscriptions web page.


On-Demand Videos

  • Audio: you can amend the sound level by selecting the speaker button, this will turn green and a bar will appear, move it up/down to increase or decrease the volume. 

    Video: you can make the video full screen by selecting the full screen option on the right hand side of the volume button.

    Captioning: Select the 'CC' option to turn the Captions on and off.

    Timestamps: You can jump to each section by selecting each dot on the timeline, or by using the list icon to the left of the Caption function

Introduction to Spektrix




Customer Relationship Management


Before watching the Segmentation training video, you may find it helpful to watch the short video in Understanding Segments and Customer Lists.


Event Set Up



Offers and Eligibility

DotDigital and Email Automation

As of the 13th September, the DotDigital User Interface has changed; you can find more information in our Support Article Navigating Dotdigital

Fundraising and Opportunities

Gift Aid

Fixed Series 


Ticket Subscriptions

Find out about this feature on our Ticket Subscriptions web page.


Any feedback or questions?

Tell us how these videos worked for you and your team - you can submit any questions and all feedback through the Feedback Form.

Continue exploring online resources on the Support Centre.

Our Client Success team is available to answer any additional questions you may have: contact the team. 

If you’ve watched these videos and would like a supplementary, tailored training session, please submit a Training Request form and we will evaluate your request.