How to Set Up Ticket Donation Structures

Rachael Norris
Rachael Norris
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Ticket Donations Structures provide the option to add Donations at the point of ticket purchase both online and in the Sales Interface. 

You can set Ticket Donations to contribute to specific funds and adjust the donation ask based on Instance, Ticket Type, Sales Channel or value of ticket.


Creating new Ticket Donation Structures

Ticket Donation Structures are set up in the Admin Interface under Pricing > Ticket Donations.



From this screen, you can edit, delete, or create new Ticket Donation structures. 

Click the Add button to create a new Ticket Donation:


  1. Name: give your Ticket Donation Structure a clear, memorable name. This is for internal purposes only and won't be seen by the customer.
  2. Description: this field is optional but we'd recommend completing it for internal purposes.
  3. Type: you can set the value of each Ticket Donation to be one of four options:
        • Global Fixed Value: a single value regardless of the ticket price
        • Global percentage of ticket price: a percentage of each ticket’s face value – this is calculated as a percentage of the ticket's original face value. Even if the ticket is subsequently discounted as part of an Offer, the donation will remain a percentage of the original value.
        • Custom fixed value for each combination of sales channel, Price Band and Ticket Type: a fixed value which varies depending on which Sales Channel is used, this can also be varied based on which Price Band and Ticket Type is purchased.
        • Custom percentage for each combination of Sales Channel, Price Band and Ticket Type: a percentage of each ticket’s value, depending on the Sales Channel, Price Band and Ticket Type – as above, this is also calculated as a percentage of the ticket's original face value.

If you select a global fixed value or percentage, enter the fixed amount or percentage and click Save

If you choose either a custom fixed value or custom percentage, click Next and you'll see a matrix which allows you to set different values for each combination of Sales Channel, Price Band and Ticket Type:


Once you are happy with your Donation Structure. click Save.

Watch this video to see setting up a new Donation Structure from start to finish.


Applying Ticket Donations to an Instance

Once you have created a Ticket Donation Structure, you can attach it to an Instance, making it available when a customer purchases tickets.

You can navigate to an existing Event Instance to do this, or during the event set up process you’ll be given the option to attach your Ticket Donation under the Ticket Donations tab.

To add your Ticket Donation to an existing Instance:

      • In Admin > Events navigate to your Event
      • Under the Instances tab, select the Instance you want to update
      • Go to the Ticket Donations tab
      • Click Edit to make changes
      • Select which Ticket Donation Structure to apply. You can choose from the dropdown menu, None or Custom.
      • You can then select the Fund you want this donation to go towards from the Fund dropdown menu.
      • Click Save to save your changes

TIP: By selecting the button beside Custom, you can click Edit and create a custom Ticket Donation Structure for this Instance if necessary. This custom Ticket Donation Structure will not be available for use outside of this Instance.

This custom Ticket Donation Structure will not be available for use outside of this Instance. 

Donations made as part of a ticket are treated as normal donations by the system. Ticket Donations will show up as a donation to whichever Fund you selected when you attached the Ticket Donation Structure to an Instance.

Watch this video to see the above steps in action.

Using the Bulk Instance Updater

You can also update the Ticket Donation on multiple Instances using the Bulk Instance Updater Tool. This will be useful if you want to update large quantities of Instances.

Follow the steps in the guide to the Bulk Instance Updater Tool.


Adding Ticket Donations to tickets

Once you have set up your Ticket Donation Structures and applied them to your Instances, customers will be prompted to make a donation when booking online. 

In the Sales Interface, Box Office staff will be able to add your Donation structure on to eligible tickets.

REMINDER: Ticket Donations are a set value – it’s not possible to give a higher or lower donation as a Ticket Donation. To make a donation of a custom amount, the user would need to add a donation to the Basket.


In the Sales Interface

Ticket Donations will need to be added to tickets manually by the box office team. If there are tickets in the Basket for an Instance which has a Ticket Donation Structure attached, a button labelled Attach donations will appear underneath them in the Basket:


Clicking this button will attach Donations to each eligible ticket in the Basket.

If you only want to attach a donation to some eligible tickets, you can select the ticket(s) individually and click on the dropdown arrow next to the Reserve button. From here, you can select to either Attach Donations or Remove Attached Donations from the selected tickets:


Making a change to a ticket will always remove the Ticket Donation and prompt you to attach it again – this is to keep you from accidentally adding more Donations than you intend to.



If a customer adds an eligible ticket to their Basket online, they'll be able to choose whether or not to add a donation at the point of choosing a Ticket Type.


Events with a reserved Seating Plan

When booking for a reserved Event, customers will see a donation check box, alongside the value of the donation:


Events with an unreserved Seating Plan

When booking for an unreserved Event, customers will see each available Ticket Type displayed twice – once at its standard price, and once with the donation included in the cost:




For more information about the set up of Tickets and Price Lists, see the Setting Up Tickets and Pricing section of the Support Centre.