Getting Started as a New Sales User

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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Welcome to Spektrix! In this article, we’ll show you the basics of selling a ticket, including how to search for Customers, Events and Instances. You'll also find links to help you explore even more of Spektrix.


The Sales Interface

As a Sales User, when you log into Spektrix you’ll normally be in the Sales Interface. If you find yourself in another part of the system, you can access the Sales Interface by clicking on the Control Panel in the bottom left corner of your screen:


Then select Sales:



How to sell a Ticket

To perform a Sale you’ll need to do the following:

TIP: You don’t have to Search for an Event or Instance first. You could start by adding your Customer to the Basket/Cart, or selecting a Sales Channel.


How to select an Event

First, you’ll need to select an Event. An Event in Spektrix is a specific show, in this example we’re using ‘King Lear’. All Events will be displayed in the Events menu:


If you can’t see the Event you’re looking for, you can search for the Event. If you know its name, follow these steps:

  1. Click Events:


  2. Enter the name of the Event and click Search:


If you’re unsure of the Event name, you can search using the search panel. Select either Events list or Calendar and choose your desired date range, and then click Search.



If your organisation has more than one Venue, you may find it easier to find an Event if you filter the selection by Venue(s).

Click the Venues button to filter Events by Venue:



How to select an Instance

Once you’ve found the Event, you’ll next need to select the Instance. In Spektrix, Instances are the specific performances of an Event. In this example we’ve selected the Instance of King Lear at 8pm on 11th December.

  1. Click on the Event to see a list of Instances:


  2. You’ll be shown a searchable diary of upcoming Event Instances. Click on the Instance you want to sell tickets for:



How to select a Ticket or Seat

Once you’ve chosen your Instance, if you have Reserved seating you’ll need to select a seat from a Seating Plan. For Unreserved seating or general admission, enter the quantity next to the Ticket Types you want to sell.


Reserved Seating

  • Select your seats from the Seating Plan by clicking on them, you’ll see a ‘ticket’ icon appear on your chosen seats, then click Update Basket/Update Cart:


Unreserved Seating/General Admission

  • For Unreserved seating or general admission, enter the quantity next to the Ticket Types you want to sell.

    To add tickets to your Basket/Cart, click the blue Update Basket/Update Cart button:



Choosing a Sales Channel

Once you've added tickets to the basket from a Reserved or Unreserved Seating plan, you'll see a New Transaction pop up where you’ll select the Sales Channel:


The sales channel you choose in the system will depend on how you’re selling tickets. You can choose from:

  • Phone: for transactions carried out with customers over the phone.
  • Counter: for transactions carried out face-to-face.
  • Counter Quick: for face-to-face transactions where you need to sell a ticket quickly. For example immediately prior to a performance.
  • Web: to simulate a web transaction (often used when managing online transactions).

To learn more about Sales Channels, read Choosing a Sales Channel.

Once you’ve selected your events, you’ll need to add a Customer to the Basket/Cart.


How to add a Customer to the Basket/Cart

To perform a sale, you’ll need to add a Customer to the basket.

TIP: If a Customer is eligible for Offer(s), these will apply automatically once you add the Customer to the Basket/Cart.

To search for a Customer, follow these steps:

  1. Click Customers:


  2. You can search for a customer by name, Customer ID, Postcode/Zip code/Postal Code, Email or any combination of these. Just populate the appropriate field(s) and click Search.
  3. If you use the customer’s name, then enter their last name first. You can narrow your search more quickly by also including their first name or initial in the format last name, comma, first name or initial:


  4. Click the blue basket icon to add the Customer to the Basket/Cart:


If no Customer Record is returned, you can create a new record by following the steps in How to Create a Customer Record.


How to select a Delivery Method

Select the Delivery method in the Basket/Cart. You’ll see the following options:

  • CoBO/Will Call: if the customer is collecting their tickets from the box office.
  • Postal: to post tickets to the customer. You’ll need to have a Customer in the Basket/Cart and you’ll be prompted to select the delivery address.
  • Print at Home: to send a copy of the tickets as a PDF attachment by email.

Once you’ve selected the delivery method you're ready to take a payment.


How to take a Payment

Once you have a Customer and items in the Basket you’ll need to take payment for the Order.

TIP: If you see a box with a red line, this means the field is mandatory. If no value is entered, you won’t be able to proceed. For example when performing a Phone sale, you’ll need to add a Customer to the Basket/Cart.

If you can’t see any payment methods, click Payments:


You’ll see a list of payment methods. The standard payment types are:

  • Cash: if you accept Cash payments
  • Card: when the Customer is not present or where a customer is present and wants to use a stored card
  • Chip & PIN/Chip: when the Customer is present and they are paying through a Chip & PIN/Chip Reader



    1. Click Cash:


    2. In the Payment Options screen, check the Amount is correct and click Ok:



  • You’ll see the Card payment option once you add a Customer to the Basket/Cart.

    To take a Card Payment (excluding Chip & PIN/Chip), follow these steps:

    1. Click Card:


    2. You’ll see a Payment options screen. Check the Amount is correct, choose a Billing address from the dropdown (if different). Click Next to move to the Card details tab:


    3. Select the customer’s Card Type and enter the customer’s Card Number, Expiry Date and Security Code. Click Confirm:


Chip & PIN/Chip

  • To take a Chip & PIN payment, you’ll need a PIN Pad/Chip Reader and the Box App installed and running on your PC. Read Introduction to Hardware for further information.

    To take a Chip & PIN/Chip payment, follow these steps:

    1. Click Chip & PIN/Chip:


    2. You’ll see a Chip & PIN/Chip Payment screen. Check the Amount is correct and click Ok:


    3. Follow the on screen instructions from your Chip & PIN/Chip Reader software on your PC.

    When you take a Chip & PIN payment, check the payment has been authorised before confirming the order.

    If you’re unsure if the payment has gone through, read Troubleshooting Card Payments for further information.


How to confirm an Order

Once you’ve taken a payment, you’re ready to confirm the Order.

Click Confirm (or Confirm and Print if using physical tickets) to complete the transaction and print the tickets. You can also select Confirm & Print Later, or Confirm & Mark As Printed from the dropdown menu:


In the Information pop up that appears, choose whether to send a confirmation email for the transaction:


TIP: If you choose Confirm & Mark As Printed, you won’t be able to print these tickets as part of a batch. You’ll need to print the tickets from the Customer Record.

You now have the information to get started as a new Sales User.