Ordering a V400c Plus or V400m Spektrix Payments Terminal

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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This article is for Users who use Spektrix Payments in all regions and accept payment by credit or debit card. When taking card payments in person, you’ll need one or more Payment Terminals (also known as PIN Pads, Chip & PIN machines, Chip Readers or PEDs/peds).

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Which Payment Terminals can I order?

Spektrix offers two models of Payment Terminals for use with Spektrix Payments: the Verifone V400c Plus and Verifone V400m. These devices accept both Chip and PIN/Chip and Contactless/Tap to Pay payments and have a built-in receipt printer

Both models are compliant with PCI (Payment Card Industry) and E2EE (End-to-End Encryption) for enhanced security.


The Verifone V400c Plus

The Verifone V400c Plus is a touchscreen, wired device. It connects to your Wi-Fi network and can be used for indoor events where the Payment Terminal will be in a fixed location.

The Payment Terminal will come supplied with:

  • Power adapter
  • Receipt rolls
  • Quick Installation Guide


The Verifone V400m

The Verifone V400m is a touchscreen, wireless device. It connects to your Wi-Fi network, and can be used for indoor and outdoor events.

The Payment Terminal will come supplied with:

  • Power adapter
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Receipt rolls
  • Quick Installation Guide

The V400c Plus and V400m Payment Terminals fully integrate with Spektrix. This means that any payments taken are processed within Spektrix and sent to your business bank account.


Ordering a Payment Terminal

TIP: Spektrix will supply the V400c Plus as standard.

You may be offered a V400m Payment Terminal. This is subject to Spektrix’s discretion if suitable for your setup. For example, a floating box office in a bar/cafe, or for regular outdoor events.

To order a Payment Terminal contact Spektrix Support. Please have the following information ready:

  • Your Contact Name
  • Your Delivery Address
  • Your Contact Email
  • Your Contact Telephone Number
  • The number of required Payment Terminals

TIP: Spektrix will supply the Payment Terminals free of charge. This is subject to a Fair Use Policy. Please read the Fair Use Policy for more information.


Ordering Receipt Rolls

The Payment Terminals will come supplied with 20 receipt rolls. You'll need to source additional receipt rolls. The receipt rolls are a standard size and can be ordered online.

The supported receipt rolls are thermal rolls and measure 57mm wide x 40mm diameter x 12mm (2 ¼ inch x 1 ½ inch x ½ inch).


You can order receipt rolls from your usual supplier if you have one. See below for links to suppliers for your region.


UK and Ireland

Republic of Ireland

US and Canada


Setting up your Payment Terminal

Once you receive your Payment Terminal, the next step is to set up the device.

For more information on setting up the device, read these articles:

This article should give you the information you need to order a Payment Terminal for use with Spektrix Payments. To learn more about Spektrix Payments, visit the Manage Payments section of our Support Centre.