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There are a number of Program Templates available in Dotdigital. These templates are designed with specific purposes in mind to make it as easy as possible for you to start automating your emails.

In this article, we’ll take you through what you need to do before using a Template, how to use a Template and which Templates are available.


Before you start

Before using any Program Template, you’ll need to complete the steps below.  You will only need to complete this set up once and it can be used again for other Programs in the future.

  1. If this is your first time setting up a Dotdigital Program, you’ll need to create a synced address book. This is your list of contacts that will go on the Program and will be updated daily at 6am. To do this you’ll need to contact Support.
  2. The Program Templates in Dotdigital use Calculated Metric Data Fields. Before setting up any of our Program Templates, you’ll need to make sure that these data fields are synced from your Spektrix system into your Dotdigital account. To do this, follow the steps in the Calculated Metrics section of the Data Fields in Dotdigital article.

You can find step by step guidance for each Program Template in its corresponding Support Centre article. This will give you a list of everything you need to have prepared and considered before starting the Program.


How to use a Program Template

To find the Program Templates in your Dotdigital account, go to Automation > Programs > Spektrix Templates. 

Within each template, you’ll see instructions next to each step of the Program.

For example, this is a screenshot of how the Birthday Program looks in Dotdigital:


We recommend that you also follow the steps provided in the Support Centre article for each Program template.


Set the Spektrix Sync Exit Condition

The first thing to do when starting a new Program is to set an Exit Condition.

Unsubscribes will automatically be removed from the Program. Setting the Spektrix Sync Exit Condition ensures that Contacts in Dotdigital are updated when changes are made to Contact Preferences on Customer Records in Spektrix.


To set the Spektrix Sync Exit Condition:

  • From the menu bar at the top, click EXIT CONDITIONS.

  • Choose Add an Exit Condition > Create New
  • Drag and drop Lists into the Include contacts that match all the rules in this group section. 



  • Click on are present in any list. Change the dropdown to Not in specific list.

  • Choose your list that's synced with Spektrix. Click Okay and then Apply
  • The Exit condition should read "on meeting one of these rules:"  and then "Are not present in the [Spektrix Sync] List".



Available templates

In this section we’ll list the Program Templates which are available and briefly cover why you might use them. You’ll find links to the articles where you can follow step by step instructions to set them up.

Birthday Program

The Birthday Program lets you automatically send a personalised email to your Customers on, or around, their birthday. 

You can use a Birthday Program to send personalised incentives such as discounted Tickets or complimentary drinks to encourage your audience to celebrate their birthday with you. 

Follow the steps in the Birthday Program Template article to get started.


Welcome Program

You can use a Welcome Program to automatically send an email to new Customers when they join your mailing list.

Sending a welcome email can be an opportunity to start a warm relationship and make a great first impression. 

You can also take the opportunity as a chance to learn more about your new Customers by asking for extra information such as date of birth, interests or access needs. You can then use this information to further tailor your future communications. 

Follow the steps in the Welcome Program Template article to get started.


Unused Credit Reminder

You can use an Unused Credit Reminder Program to remind your Customers of any Credit balance they hold with you. 

This works by identifying Customers who hold over a certain amount of Credit, and who haven’t visited for a specified amount of time. The Program will automatically email anyone who meets this criteria with a personalised email which can include the value of their Credit balance.

Reminding Customers about available Credit not only encourages them to visit again but also demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent service.

Follow the steps in the Unused Credit Reminder Program Template article to get started.


Mailing List Re-engagement Program

You can use a Mailing List Re-engagement Program to target Customers on your mailing list who are no longer interacting (opening or clicking) with your mailings. We recommend sending an email to check if they still want to stay on your mailing list.

Inactive contacts can adversely affect your email engagement rate and it is wasteful to send emails to Customers who are no longer interested.

Follow the steps in the Mailing List Re-engagement Program Template article to get started.


Lapsed Booker Re-engagement Program

Our Lapsed Booker Program template is designed to help you encourage Customers who have visited previously, to return again. 

The Lapsed Booker Program lets you automate a number of emails aiming to encourage lapsed Customers to return.

Follow the steps in the Lapsed Booker Re-engagement Program Template article to get started.


Improving Retention

First-time bookers make up more than half of overall audiences and of all audience members who first bought tickets in 2022, 19.5% returned in 2023. This shows that first time bookers represent a real opportunity to drive retention. 

The Improving Retention Program Template lets you automate a number of emails aimed at getting first time visitors to return.

Follow the steps in the Improving Retention Program Template article to get started.


Further Reading

To continue learning about Dotdigital, take a look at the Communicate with your Customers category on the Support Centre.