How to Change the Name of Seating Plan Areas

Rachael Norris
Rachael Norris
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In this article we'll explain how to update the name of Areas on your Seating Plan.

The Seating Plan Area Name is a reporting metric in your System. This means it can be selected in Criteria Sets, Event pickers and segments in Customer Lists

WARNING: If you update your Seating Plan Area names this change will be reflected everywhere that your Seating Plan is in use. This includes reports and Instances of past and future Events. If you do not want to update your Seating Plan Area names on your existing plan, then you’ll need to request a new Seating Plan from us.


Updating your Seating Plan

  • Go to Control Panel > Admin > Seating > Seating Plans and choose the Seating Plan you want to edit. 
  • Under the Details tab, you’ll see the name of your Seating Plan, with a dropdown to display the list of areas. 
  • If your plan has multiple areas you can name each area, as well as the Overview section by selecting it from the dropdown menu and clicking Edit in the bottom right.
  • Once you have updated the name of the area you want to change, click Save.

Your changes will now be applied everywhere that your Seating Plan is in use. Changes will be visible online for customers, to Sales users in the box office in any reports for future or past Events and on any current or past Events and Instances.


TIP:  If you have labels for areas on the background image of your Seating Plan, you may want to update these to reflect the new names using a Layout Overlay.

For more on Seating Plans and Event Set Up, see the Set up Events, Offers and Merchandise section of the Support Centre.