Cross Selling using Recommended Events

Kyla Tacopina
Kyla Tacopina
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In this guide you will learn about cross-selling using Recommended Events. You will learn what they are, how to set them up, and the difference between 'Cross-Selling To' and 'Cross-Sold From'.
Before you read this article, make sure you’re familiar with:

  • Setting up and Configuring Events

What are Recommended Events?

Recommended events are events in your system that the customer might be interested in buying based on tickets they have already added to their basket.




Any events that have been set to be recommended will be suggested to customers who are booking online (as above) AND suggested as events in the Sales Interface that your box office team might want to sell.

How do I set it up?

Recommended Events

You link events as Recommended to one another in the Admin Interface.

  • Go to Admin > Events and click into your event.
    Click on Recommended Events.



  • Now click Edit. That will now let you drag and drop the Events into the Cross-Selling To and Cross-Sold From boxes. Once you have linked the relevant events, just click Save.




  • Once you have done this, you should set the Web URL for each event. This tells Spektrix what URL to take the customer to on your website whenever they do click on one of the Recommended Events links. You set this in the Website tab of that event.


If you leave this blank, then Spektrix will default to the Event's iframe: if your website has custom Event listings then this won't look consistent with the rest of the site!}




What is the difference between 'Cross-Selling To' and 'Cross-Sold From'?

Any event which is set as Cross-Selling To will be suggested to the customer when they are trying to buy tickets for the original event. You would use this feature for shows that relate to each other. This could be productions of similar genres or productions that are broken down into parts.

For example, if I have the event American Idiot Cross-Selling to Ragtime, then Ragtime will be recommended to the customer as an event they might want to consider whenever they add tickets to their basket for American Idiot.

In contrast, any event which is set as Cross-Sold From will work the other way around. You would use this feature for a show you’re looking to give extra promotion to. This could be a production that is not selling as well as others or has low audience attendance.

For example, if I have the event Ragtime and I make it Cross-Sold From American Idiot, then Ragtime will be recommended to the customer as an Event they might want to consider whenever they add American Idiot Tickets

Any time that you link an Event as Cross-Selling To or Cross-Sold From, the opposite link will appear in the Recommended Events tab of that Event. So, in the Event tab of American Idiot, if I drag in Ragtime to Cross-Selling to American Idiot will appear as Cross-Sold From in Ragtime's Recommended Events tab.

You should now be ready to begin setting up Recommended Events - Cross Selling.