Rolling Over a Fixed Series

Jessica Abejar
Jessica Abejar
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Fixed Series enable you to create fixed subscriptions, through which customers can book the same seats across a number of different Instances, usually for a discounted price. 

Fixed Series subscriptions can be rolled over and renewed, giving that customer the right to keep their seats or choose other seats available to them for the following year or season. 

In this article you will learn how to roll over Fixed Series subscriptions.

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Create a new Fixed Series

To begin rolling over a Fixed Series, create a new Fixed Series as instructed in Setting Up a Fixed Series. 

After clicking on the Create new series button, select the option Subscriptions will be rolled over from: and select the previous Fixed Series from the dropdown menu. Continue the setting up process.

VIDEO: Jump ahead to our Spektrix Training: On Demand video - Rolling Over Fixed Series for a guided walkthrough of this process.


Mapping Groups for Rollover

When you reach the Map Groups for Rollover screen, you will need to map the Subscription Groups from the existing Fixed Series to the new one. 

The Subscription Groups from the new Fixed Series will appear on the right side linked to a Subscription Group from the old Fixed Series on the left side. Ensure that they are correctly mapped by checking the old Subscription Groups line up with the new ones.

If you need to switch any of the new Subscription Groups, you can click and drag the Subscription Group to align with the correct old Subscription Group.

In this example you can see the old Subscription Groups on the left and the new Subscription Groups on the right.



If there is a new Subscription Group that you would not like to roll over into, you can drag it into the Unmapped Subscription Groups in the bottom left. For example, if an old Fixed Series had four groups but the new Subscription Group has five groups, one group in the new Subscription group cannot be mapped.


WARNING:  A new Fixed Series can have less Subscription Groups than an old one. You cannot however map more than one old Subscription Group to one new Subscription. This is because there may be seating conflicts. 

For example, a 2021-2022 Season Subscription can have the following Subscription Groups: Week One, Week Two, and Week Three. A 2022-2023 Season Subscription may only have Week One and Week Two Subscription Groups.

You can map 2021-2022 Week One to 2022-2023 Week One and 2021-2022 Week Two to 2022-2023 Week Two; however, customers from 2021-2022 Week Three cannot be mapped to any of the other Subscription Groups as there may already be customers from other Subscription Groups who have their preferred seats. These customers will be unmapped and not rolled over and will need to have their fixed series subscriptions manually held.


Selecting Holdout Times for Rollovers

For the next step, you’ll need to select a hold timeout time. Any held subscription tickets not purchased by the hold timeout time will be automatically released. Released tickets will be available to other Customers purchasing Fixed Series. Customers will lose the right to their seat in the new series and in any future rollovers of the new series.

Click OK to complete setup and to return to the main Fixed Series screen. 


Rolling Over the Fixed Series

The new Fixed Series will have a button next to it: Roll over subscriptions held for previous series and reserve seats. Click this button to proceed with the rolling over of all customers from the old Fixed Series to the new one.




Initiating a rollover will create transactions for each Customer to hold the Fixed Series Subscription and reserve their seats. Their held subscriptions will be available in their Customer profile. 

The final step of the rollover will produce a report of any failures (examples of failures might include seats being unavailable  due to Locks or Masks). You will then need to go through the report and manually place a hold for any affected Customers.

REMINDER: If there are a significant number of failures it’s possible to reinitiate the rollover once you’ve identified and rectified the problem. For example, if you remove Locks or Masks for Event Instances then reinitiate the rollover, the previously failed subscriptions in those seats will successfully hold.

You have now successfully rolled over a Fixed Series. Held tickets will now become available for purchase on your specified date.  


On-Demand Training Video - Rolling Over Fixed Series

In this section of our Spektrix Training: On Demand video on Fixed Series, we cover the Rolling Over Fixed Series process.

This chapter is a guided walkthrough of:

  • Fixed Series Roll Over Prep work
  • Creating New Fixed Series for Roll Over
  • Mapping Roll Over Groups
  • Finishing Roll Over

VIDEO TIP: With our Spektrix Training: On Demand videos- you can stop, restart or move to specific chapters. Click the CC option to turn on captions. Click into the Settings menu cog icon to control speed, captions and quality.


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