How to set up Venues

Rachael Norris
Rachael Norris
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In this guide you will learn how to create a new venue. Some organisations manage all events within a single building, however we know that there are others that run events across multiple sites. Setting up Venues in Spektrix allows you to clearly display which venue an event is taking place in.

Before you read this article it’d help if you’re familiar with:

There's no need to create separate Venues if you have different spaces within a single building, these can be differentiated using Seating Plans. The Venue concept is designed to flag up events that are taking place in separate physical locations – for example, if you have two separate buildings, possibly with a separate box office. 

      1. You have one main venue, within which there is a Main Theatre and a Studio
        You would build one Venue for this, with Seating Plans for each space
      2. You also have a second off-site venue across town, which has a single space within it
        You would build one more Venue for this, with a single seating plan
      3. You have a third venue for which you act as a ticketing agent, which contains a further two spaces
        You would build one more Venue for this, with two further Seating Plans
      4. Finally, you're also running online events such as live streaming or classes
        You would build one more Venue for this, with a single seating plan.

    So in this example you would set up a total of  four  Venues in Spektrix.

Creating a new Venue                             

  1. In Admin > Seating > Venues, click the add button
  2. Fill in the Name field (this is required)
  3. Fill in the Address field (this is optional)
  4. Click Save
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Venues sit against Seating Plans on the system – each Venue can be attached to as many Seating Plans as you may need.

Search using Venues in the Sales Interface

If your system has more than one Venue set up on it, the Event Search in your Sales Interface will have the option to filter Events from a specific Venue. This way your Box Office staff can search for events taking place within specific Venues, to help them find the right events:


This option only appears with multiple venues and won't appear if you only have a single venue.

You should now be ready to begin setting up Venues in Spektrix.