Further Information about Data Protection in your Agreement

Richard Bates
Richard Bates
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Your agreement with Spektrix includes information about how we handle customer data to comply with data protection regulations. This article provides further information about some of the terms included in your agreement. If your agreement with Spektrix is dated before 25th May 2018, those terms can be found in the Data Protection Addendum (see here for more information).

Privacy & Security Policy

Our Privacy and Security Policy provides information about the technical and security measures we take in the Spektrix system to protect your customer data.

TIP: Spektrix is certified under ISO27001:2022, also called IEC27001, the most recent standards for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system. Take a look at our blog on Database Security for Non-Profits to learn more.

List of Spektrix Data Sub-Processors
Please see below the list of Spektrix sub-processors as described in our agreement with you. This list is updated as and when new sub-processors are added and you will be notified via email:

  • Microsoft Azure (https://azure.microsoft.com/): Azure is a cloud computing and data centre provider used to host some parts of the Spektrix platform.
  • Mailgun Technologies, Inc (https://www.mailgun.com): Mailgun is the email service we use for sending system emails, such as order confirmations and password resets
  • Cloudflare, Inc. (https://www.cloudflare.com): Cloudflare provide caching, load balancing and security services for the Spektrix infrastructure.
  • Dialpad (https://dialpad.com/): Dialpad provides the phone system for our main office and Support lines. Calls may be recorded and recordings may therefore contain details of customers or other personal information.
  • Zendesk (https://www.zendesk.co.uk/): Zendesk hosts our Support Centre and is the platform we use to send and receive emails ('tickets') sent to support@spektrix.com. Occasionally customer data is referenced via this platform, but we redact anything that should instead be sent via a more secure medium.
  • SimpleSat (https://www.simplesat.io/): SimpleSat is a customer feedback measurement tool. This integrates with Zendesk and therefore may also reference links to support tickets that in turn reference customer data.
  • HubSpot (https://www.hubspot.com/): HubSpot is our central CRM, powering our website, social media and communications to current and prospective Spektrix users and partners.
  • Hotjar (https://www.hotjar.com/): Hotjar is integrated with HubSpot to provide website analytics, helping us continually develop the information and service we provide online.
  • Loqate (https://www.loqate.com/en-gb/): Loqate (part of the GBG group) provides our postcode lookup service in the UK, allowing you to quickly look up and fill in addresses for customers online and in the Sales Interface.
  • SendSafely (https://www.sendsafely.com/): SendSafely is an end-to-end encryption platform used to securely send and receive customer data files between Spektrix staff and users, such as during data migration from a previous system or when our team are processing ongoing customer imports into Spektrix.
  • Beamer (https://www.getbeamer.com/): Beamer is a communications platform that allows us to add up-to-date news and information to our website and Support Centre.
  • Tableau (https://www.tableau.com/en-gb): Tableau is visual analytics software for business intelligence. It allows us to collate and display data.

All data we hold on behalf of clients based in the EEA is also stored and processed in the EEA.


If you have any further questions about this, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the Spektrix Support team.