Organising Discounts Using Offer Priority Groups

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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Although multiple Offers can apply to a Basket in Spektrix, each ticket can only have one Offer applied to it. If more than one Offer is available across a Basket, Spektrix will first apply the Offer which gives the largest discount across the whole Basket and then keep applying Offers against the remaining tickets until all possible tickets have been discounted.

Offer Priority Groups allow you to specify a hierarchy in which your Offers will apply to a Basket, so that you can retain control over how they are used.


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Setting Up Offer Priority Groups

Spektrix already has a single Priority Group in place called ‘Default’ (which can be edited or deleted as preferred), but you can add as many extra Offer Priority Groups as you need. You can add any existing Offers into Offer Priority Groups and, when you create new Offers, choose their Offer Priority Group.


You can add a new Offer Priority Group using the following steps:

  1. Head to Admin > Other > Offers and click on Edit Offer Priority Groups at the top of the page. If you can't see the Edit Priority Groups option, contact Support who will activate this feature for you.
  3. Enter the name in one of the input fields (indicated by a red line at the side of the field) and click Add 

You can choose exactly what naming conventions you want to use for your Offer Priority Groups; just make sure that the names will make sense to you and your colleagues.


  •   addop1.gif      



Editing Offer Priority Groups

You can also use the yellow up and down arrow icons alongside your Offer Priority Group names to reorder your Offer Priority Groups – click the up arrow to move it up the list and the down arrow to move it down the list.

The Offer Priority Group at the top of the list has the highest priority and they decrease in priority as they go further down the list. Spektrix will apply as many Offers as possible from the highest Offer Priority Group first and continue down the Offer Priority Groups until all possible Offers are applied to the Basket.

To edit the name of an Offer Priority Group, click on the blue pencil icon next to the relevant name. To delete an Offer Priority Group, click on the red X icon next to the relevant name.

  • editop_and_order.gif 


Choosing an Offer Priority Group

When creating or editing an Offer, in the Basic Details tab you'll have the option to choose an Offer Priority Group.

This will default to the first Offer Priority Group that you have on your system (which, unless you delete or edit it, will be named 'Default'. You can choose whichever Offer Priority Group you want that Offer to be part of by selecting it from the dropdown menu.





  • Before viewing this example you should be familiar with Intro to Offers


    Imagine you have a variety of Offers that you want to apply across different Events, depending on the number and combination of tickets a customer is buying.  

    • '3+ Multibuy': save 20% on tickets for all Shakespeare productions
    • 'Christmas Family package': when buying 2 x Adult and 2 x Child tickets, get £3 off the Child tickets
    • 'Member £4 Discount': £4 off any ticket for members

    Multiple Offers mean these Offers could all apply across a single Basket – Spektrix only allows each ticket to be discounted once, but if there are enough eligible tickets it's possible that each Offer can apply within one Basket.

    Given that Adult tickets for these events are £40 each, you might assume that the 20% discount offered by the '3+ Multibuy' Offer is always going to be the best Offer out of the options here, and therefore will always apply first.


    Let’s look at a possible Basket:


    offers in a basket


    In this example, here are the total discounts that each Offer would potentially give you when applied across the whole Basket:

    • '3+ Multibuy': £48 (£8 discount on two tickets for each of the three Shakespeare productions)
    • 'Christmas Family Package': £6 (£3 discount on each of the Child tickets for 'The Snowman')
    • 'Member £4 Discount': £52 (£4 discount on each of the thirteen tickets in the Basket)


    As you can see, the highest discount from a single Offer is from the 'Member £4 Discount'; even with multiple Offers available, the system would still see this as the highest discount and apply it first.

    However, this might not be what you want to happen and might not give the best possible deal to the customer. With Offer Priority Groups you can prioritise which Offers you want to apply in which order. Here is an example of how you might group these Offers:

    • Offer Priority Group 1: '3+ Multibuy'
    • Offer Priority Group 2: 'Christmas Family Package'
    • Offer Priority Group 3: 'Member £4 Discount'

    This grouping means that the system will always try to apply the '3+ Multibuy Offer first', before then trying to apply the 'Christmas Family Package'. Once that’s done, if there are any tickets still not discounted, the system will try to apply the 'Member £4 Discount'.

    Let's break that down step by step. The system will first apply the '3+ Multibuy Offer' to the tickets for the Shakespeare productions in the Basket:


    OP2.JPG  OP3.JPG     

    The system will apply this Offer to two tickets for each of the three Shakespeare Events.

    The remaining Adult and Student tickets for 'Coriolanus' and 'The Tempest' won't be included in this Offer because there are no corresponding tickets in the Basket for 'Titus Andronicus'. Also, tickets for 'The Snowman' can’t be included because the Offer doesn’t apply to this Event.

    Next, the system will apply the 'Christmas Family Package' Offer to any eligible tickets which haven’t been discounted yet:

    OP4.JPG  OP5.JPG 


    The system will apply the £3 discount to the two Child tickets for 'The Snowman', although it still counts the two Adult tickets being part of this Offer.

    This Offer only applies to 'The Snowman', so won't apply to any of the remaining tickets.

    Lastly, the system will apply the 'Member £4 Discount' to any tickets which still haven’t been discounted:


    OP6.JPG  OP7.jpg 

    All of the tickets in the Basket now have an Offer applied to them. This is how the Offers have been applied:



      • 2 x Adult tickets at £32 each (discounted by £8 each with the '3+ Multibuy Discount')
      • 1 x Adult ticket at £36 (discounted by £4 with the 'Member £4 Discount')
      • 1 x Student ticket at £28 (discounted by £4 with the 'Member £4 Discount')


    'The Tempest'

        • 2 x Adult tickets at £32 each (discounted by £8 each with the '3+ Multibuy Discount')
        • 1 x Student ticket at £28 (discounted by £4 with the 'Member £4 Discount')


    'The Snowman'

          • 2 x Adult tickets at £30 (included in the 'Christmas Family Package' Offer but not discounted)
          • 2 x Child tickets at £22 (discounted by £3 each in the 'Christmas Family Package' Offer)


    'Titus Andronicus'

          • 2 x Adult tickets at £32 each (discounted by £8 each with the '3+ Multibuy Discount')

    This gives a total Basket discount of £66 – which is ultimately a better discount than if we hadn’t used Priority Groups to order our Offers (where we’d have just got the £52 saving from the 'Member £4 Discount').


You cannot delete any Offer Priority Groups that currently contain Offers. To find out which Offers are contained in a particular Offer Priority Group, choose it from the Offer Priority Group dropdown menu in the main Offers page and click Search

You should now be able to set up and configure priority groups.