How to limit Offers using Offer Limit Groups

Dave McNamara
Dave McNamara
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Offers in Spektrix work, by default, to one cardinal rule: each Ticket can only ever have one Offer applied to it. If more than one Offer is available, the system will first apply the Offer which gives the largest discount across the whole Basket, and then will keep applying other eligible Offers against the remaining Tickets until all possible Tickets have been discounted.

Before reading this article you should be familiar with:  


If you're using multiple Offers, a useful feature is Offer Limit Groups, which allows you to set limits that apply across groups of Offers.


This means that an Offer will not apply if either:

  • The Offer’s own limit rules have been met
  • The parameters of any Offer Limit Groups that an Offer sits within are met


Setting up Offer Limit Groups

You can set up as many Offer Limit Groups as you need. 

You can add new Offer Limit Groups, as well as being able to see or amend those you’ve already set up using the following steps: 

  1. Head to Admin > Other > Offers
  2. Click on Edit Offer Limit Groups at the top of the page:



This will take you to the Offer Limit Groups page, which displays a list of your existing Offer Limit Groups. Here you can create a new Offer Limit Group, or click the names of any of your existing Offer Limit Groups to see how they have been set up and make any necessary edits.

To create a new Offer Limit Group, click the New button; this will launch the Offer Limit Group Details page.



Here you can set one or more limits depending on what you want to apply, for example, setting the maximum number of items (Tickets or Merchandise items) and/or the maximum amount of discount. To set a limit, tick the checkbox next to the appropriate limit, then fill in the Max Items and/or the Max Discount:




NOTE: these limits will apply across  all Offers in that Offer Limit Group



Deleting Offer Limit Groups

To delete an Offer Limit Group click the Delete button next to the relevant Offer Limit Group:




If there are any Offers which are currently set within that Offer Limit Group, a warning popup will appear, asking you to confirm if you still want to delete it:




If you choose to delete the Offer Limit Group, these Offers will no longer be limited as a group, but their individual per-Offer limits will remain unaffected.


Choosing an Offer Limit Group

The Limits section of each Offer allows you to set the limits for the specific Offer and also choose which Offer Limit Group (if any) you want it to be in:



To choose an Offer Limit Group, select its name in the left-hand column then click the > button to add it into the right-hand column:



Here's an example of how Offer Limit Groups can be used

      Let's say you have two Offers, each of which has a per Event limit of four items; if only one of the Offers is applied to a Basket, it will only apply a discount to four items and any further items in the basket will remain at full price. However, if there are six tickets that are eligible for both Offers in a Basket, each of these Offers could apply a discount to four tickets and the Customer would get six discounted tickets for a single Event, despite each Offer having a limit of four.
      If you wanted to limit the total number of discounted tickets in any basket to four, you could do so by adding these two Offers into an Offer Limit Group. You would then set the limit across the Group as four items, meaning that in a single Basket each customer could only get four discounted tickets per Event.

    Imagine you have two Multibuy Offers for Customers which apply to a certain Event but you also want to limit the overall Basket discount to £25.

    The two Offers are:

    • 50% off 2 Tickets for Members: entitles Members to a discount on 2 tickets for an Event, if Tickets are £25 each, this gives a discount of £25 (2 x £12.50) across the Basket.
    • 20% off 4 Adult Tickets: entitles Customers to a discount on 4 Tickets for an Event, if Tickets are £25 each, this gives a discount of £20.00 (4 x £5.00) across the Basket.

    If we don't use an Offer Limit Group and the Customer books six Tickets, then the system will discount all the Tickets giving a total discount of £45, as shown below:




    If we put both offers into an Offer Limit Group, with a maximum discount of £25, then the system will apply the Offer or Offers that give the best discount across the whole Basket, while not exceeding the total set by the Offer Limit Group.

    So in this case the Members offer has been applied to two Tickets, giving a £25 discount but the other Tickets are not discounted as the Basket discount has reached the Offer Limit Group maximum of £25.




    When an Offer Limit is applied, you can limit the number of discounted Tickets in a single transaction.


You should now have all the information required to set up Offer Priority Groups.